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Telus - 125 Cell Phone

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We have been with Telus since 1999 on a 3 year contract that we just keep renewing. Their performance is consistent and problem free. Their billings are on our time and since I use the paperless service I am able to view previous bills and see our calling history in a snap. They upgrade our phone every three years. Performance The performance of the phone is outstanding. It rarely drops calls and if an error is made and it is my fault not the phones. It has so many features that I am never bored as I have my phone to keep me entertained. Voice Quality The voice quality is clear as a bell. Even going through a car wash you can hear the other person and they and can hear you. Battery Life The battery life is excellent but like anything else you have to keep it charged up. Durability This phone is extremely durable. I carry it in my purse or pocket and have even dropped it and it hasn't effected it all. Ease of Use This phone is so easy to use. They use pictures to guide you on what to do. You can't make a mistake. Design The design is okay only that I would have made it a little smaller.



Telus - 125 Cell Phone

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