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Telesteps 1800EP 14.5 Foot Professional Use Telecopic Ladder, "Type 1A" 300 lbs Rated


TELESTEPS® 1800EP Specifications:

  • Provides the same climbing height as an 18 ft. extension ladder
  • Special "Wide Steps" for more comfortable climbing and standing
  • 33" to 14.5 ft fully extended
  • Type "1A" 300 lbs rating
  • Dimensions: 33" x 4.9" x 20.5"
  • Weighs 30 lbs

TELESTEPS® tallest telescoping ladder! 14.5' Tall Extended, with the same climbing height as an 18' extension ladder. Extra Wide Steps for climbing & standing comfort.

TELESTEPS® 1800EP Includes:

  • (1) 1800EP "TYPE 1A" 300 lbs Rated Telescopic ladder

TELESTEPS® meet applicable American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. In addition, it has a 12- month warranty.

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I would read reviews before buying


This product is good to reach high places but I feel it is a little unsteady. There is no place to brace it and the further up the wall you go the unsteadier I feel it becomes. As long as you have a wall or something to brace it against it works fine. But I have a 20 foot ceiling that a light hangs in the Middle of a hall and would be afraid to use this ladder for that.

St Pete FL


A great tool for any home


Transitioning from an inner city apartment to a two bedroom townhouse had both its pros and its cons. One of the cons is the fact that it requires a lot more maintenance than the apartment we have and it also requires me to do work on the outside of the house for the first time. While it would have been cheap and simple to buy your average ladder, the house didn't come with a lot of storage space and not enough space for us to put a storage shed of our own, so we had to make due with space. This expandable ladder solved our problem with relative ease since now storage is a worry of the past. Thanks to its compact size it is very easily stored and makes it convenient to use in any space since it doesn't necessarily have to be opened completely, so it is useful both inside and outside of our home. While it is not the cheapest of products in the least, it has been worth every penny since it has been used at least thirty times in the past two months alone.



Convenient,easy to use,sturdy


Overall I would recommend this ladder for use around the house. I found it not to be too heavy for me. I believe it weighs around 30 pounds. It closes easily due to the one button push to close feature. And does not take up very much space. I believe this ladder can extend to around 18 feet and when collapsed it is only about 2 feet high. My old ladder took up a lot of space. I found that it has the tendency to bend or bow inward when fully extended. However, if you allow for that when setting up, I do not believe it would be an issue. At least for me it is not an issue. For a collapsible ladder it seemed very sturdy to me. I have a better than average degree of comfort and confidence when using this ladder. This feeling is very, very important to me because if the ladder did not feel 100% stable I would not use it. As with any purchase of this type, if you can find it locally, I recommend that you go and try it out before purchasing. You might want to shop the price first on the Internet so that you know if you want to make the purchase locally, or over the Internet. Sometime it is worth a couple of dollars making the purchase locally for easy of returns in case there is a problem later.

Palm Harbor, FL


Okay if you don't have the space


I purchased the Telestep 1800EP Ladder a couple of years ago since I did not have a lot of space and needed a ladder at times to do house projects. For the most part this is a very good idea. The basics of this ladder is that it collapses down from about 15 feet to about 3 feet. Each step has a catch the pin locks itself making them very sturdy when climbing. For doing small projects it is great. I would not recommend this to anyone who uses this as a profession though. The ladder takes too long to set up and take down (you have to unclip each step to collapse it). The ladder is very heavy (heavier than you would expect), and can be a hassle for anyone who does not have a lot of upper strength. The biggest complaint I have is that the ladder itself tends to flex as you climb it. The flexing is very subtle but it is enough to feel a little uneasy. I have never personally fell off this ladder but it should be noted that it may flex. Overall this is a decent ladder. I would recommend it if you need it for small projects and do not have space. otherwise go buy the old school extending ladders.



Telesteps 1800EP 14.5 Foot Professional Use Telecopic Ladder, "Type 1A" 300 lbs Rated

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