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Teen Vogue

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Great stuff, but a lot of ads.


This is one of the best teen magazines out there. It is also conveniently small. They only have a few large articles, but they are worth reading. They have a wide range of ads from Target and Gap to Miu Miu and Bloomingdale's. There are an awful lot of them. Over half the magazine is filled with advertisements, but they are fun to look at. It has typical things like popular book, movie, and music reviews. Interviews with celebrities. Beauty tips and recommendations. Photo shoots. The clothes that they use in their photo shoots and articles are mostly designer and expensive unlike Seventeen. Also the must have items are expensive, but it's a great place to gather ideas, and the things are cheaper and younger that Vogue.Overall, I think it's a great magazine to flip through and read. It's also super cheap at only $10 for two years, so I would recommend it!

Henderson, NV


My daughter LOVES this magazine


My daughter wanted a magazine so I ordered this one. She loves looking at the ads for all the clothes.They have beauty advice and make up tips.They have contests and free stuff too! I liked the fact that it was very reasonablely priced. It gets an A+ from her and if I can get her to read more and have a good price it gets an A+ from me too..

Belle Plaine, MN


Not a very good magazine.


I do not suggest subscribing to Teen Vogue. It is really bad compared to seventeen magazine. First of all, there is wayyyyy to many advertisements. In one magazine it is probably 60 percent advertisements and 40 percent actual reading material. And the ads are crazy. All they advertise is expensive designer clothes. There is nothing affordable for teens. Its hard to believe, but not many teens can afford 600 dollar shirts. Not only do they do that in the ads, but it seems like that is all they talk about in the articles. In Seventeen, they have a lot of great tips on how to save money, and what is affordable, but in Teen Vogue, all it is is rich snobs talking about what are the best designers. One article was talking about the country's economy and how it is hard for teens to buy clothes. I thought it would be a good article, and all they were saying is how instead of buying jeans for 300 dollars, they could only buy 100 dollar jeans. The rest of the articles really aren't that good to tell the truth. I don't think you should bother subscribing. I did and it was a big mistake.

Stevens Point, WI


Teenvogue is wicked cool!


Well teen vogue really is a neat magazine. It's great for teenagers who are not sexually active because it keeps them that way, or at least helps to. Teen vogue is more on fashion. It does not push kids to go a certain way in their life or to eat a certain way or look beautiful. It promotes every kid's style and really helps kids realize they don't need to be drop dead gorgeous to be in a magazine. They can be average and be on the front page. Many girls in teenvogue are not even famous, they are just average girls who are becoming the queen of fashion just by being who they are. The fact that it doesn't push kids to have boyfriends is so much better than other magazines. Theres no sex tips or dirty comments and ways to do things. Teens shouldn't have to read that at early ages and be pressured into those types of activities, they should enjoy their childhood times and not have to deal with stupid pressure. The magazine teenvogue is awesome in that aspect that it is all about clothes and school and normal things.

Winona, MN


Teen Vogue

3.5 4