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Teeccino Maya Mocha

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Yummy and healthy - you can't go wrong!


I LOVE coffee, but I went through some health issues that prevented me from having caffeine. I missed my coffee SO MUCH! Of course, I soon realized after ditching caffeine that all the coffee drinking had been affecting my digestive system negatively too, from all that acid. I felt a lot better being without coffee, but I still just missed it terribly - both the taste and the experience of it. Then I discovered Teeccino! The Teeccino herbal coffee-substitute drinks are the closest things I've found, taste-wise, to real coffee. Yes, I admit that Teeccino drinks don't EXACTLY taste like coffee, but they are all delicious, especially this Mocha. It has that deep chocolaty taste and a subtle sweetness. I appreciate that Teeccino drinks are for brewing, because this gives a flavor and experience that is closer to real coffee than the instant coffee substitutes. (By the way, I always make my Teeccino stronger than the instructions say, so I think this helps it taste and feel more like real coffee.) Now I have a delicious, soothing, cup of hot almost-coffee to help me face the morning and then to wind down with at night, but with healthy, organic non-acidic ingredients (like barley and chicory). Teeccino drinks even have fiber! The health problems I mentioned improved, and I'm able to have caffeine again, but I still drink Teeccino instead of real coffee, and I plan to keep drinking it for a long time. One of my favorite sounds in the morning is to hear my Teeccino percolating.



Brown like coffee, but doesn't taste like coffee.


    When I decided to purchase Teeccinioi brand Maya Mocha Herbal Coffee substitute, I was looking for a replacement for my favorite coffee substitute Postum, which recently was pulled from production.  Teeccino herbal coffee is made from various roasted grains, and it is brewed like coffee, plus it is naturally caffeine free, which is great for me, since I'm highly caffeine sensitive.   This beverage was not what I was hoping for.  It lacked a certain robust mellow flavor of coffee, and left a slightly sour, bitter taste in the back of my throat after drinking it.  It was a cool thought, just not my cup of tea.  Or coffee.

Baltimore, MD


Teeccino Maya Mocha

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