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Technique 3-Piece Silicone Baking and Roasting Board Set

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Cool idea, but I never use it!


My husband bought this for me as an anniversary gift and I was so excited about them! I couldn't wait to use the silicon baking sheets. I used them once and I really didn't see a difference when I baked with the sheet and when I baked with a regular sheet. After I washed the sheet, I could still see the grease outline of the cookies. It took a long time for those marks to go away. I don't know what I did to finally get rid of them. Now, I'm just too lazy to use them, especially since I didn't see any difference when I used them. Now I use them for other things, like rolling out dough, lining a fridge shelf to prevent a spill and for easy clean up. We also use these for one other thing: making tortillas. We found that the silicon sheets don't stick to the tortilla dough, so we put one sheet on the bottom and one sheet on the top with the tortilla dough inside. Then, with a heavy cutting board, we smash the ball of dough and have a tortilla. The dough easily comes off of the silicon this way and it's the best method we've found!

Jamestown, ND


Love Technique but HATE HATE HATE these Silicone Baking Boards!


I do own several items from the Technique brand and I own tons of silicone baking items and trivets, etc. of all brands. So I was thrilled to find these this set of 3 Technique Silicone Baking Boards, but quickly my thrill turned to disgust. Here's what I like about Technique's 3 piece set: - the cute red color matches my kitchen Here's what I dislike about this silicone baking board set: EVERYTHING! As you can tell, I am not a fan of these Technique 3-piece Silicone Baking Set. I wanted to love them and was on a wait list to get them, sadly I couldn't even return them, they mangled up too easily - these were a total disappointment! Performance These preform horrible...everything about these boards are horrible. Ease of Cleaning When you wash these (even in the dishwasher) it won't clean properly, you can never get stuff completely off. - stains super easily if anything gets too dark or oozes out onto it Durability If you have a tightly packed cookie pan cupboard, this think will probably get punctured and rip. The metal inserts that keep the edges formed bends if you try to jam it into a overly packed cupboard - not very sturdy at all. Design when you actually use them in the oven the whole middle warms and sags LOW (thought I'd loose my cookies). And it's shape never really bounces back, even when it cools...it's still super loose...unlike how they first arrived. Doesn't Stick No, in fact most things that ooze out onto these boards: DO STICK!

Livonia, MI


I don't know how I ever made it without these.


The only negative thing I can say about these boards is that they stain something terrible.  They will never be as pretty as they are out of the box, but it doesn't affect the cooking ability.  Nothing sticks to these boards.  I have no idea why they stain so badly.  Maybe it would help if you washed them immediately after use. I'm too busy to do that.

Tulsa, OK


not the best


I have had these silicone baking boards for a long time. I do use them but I have not had the best of luck with them.I have had trouble cleaning them and yes food does stick in mine,even though I do use cooking spray or butter.These boards are very delicate and if a sharp point of anything rubs against them,they are a goner.You have to be very careful and never ever use a knife on them. I have had to soak and scrub mine especially when I bake pizza. They do have some good features also.They bake well and the bottoms of food do brown nicely.They evenly bake and they do cool down very quickly.They are rust free too.They are always adding new and bright cheery colors to choose from. I would simply rate these below average.They need to work on the surface issue to make it more nonstick then what I have experienced.Technique is a great line of cookware.But this item is greatly lacking.But still it is worth giving it a try. You may get a perfect set.

Cincinnati, OH


Will never use another baking sheet


I have had my baking boards for almost 10 months and I dont know how I would get by without them ....they are great for everything from cookies to sticky bar b q ribs!!! The clean up is the best wipes clean with sponge NO SOAKING,NO SCRUBBING!!! Plus the stainless steel rim makes so you dont need to put another solid baking sheet under it

Montpelier, OH


Technique 3-Piece Silicone Baking and Roasting Board Set

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