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Teacher's Insurance Plan

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This insurance saved us a bundle of money!


     I recently stumbled on to Teacher's insurance through an ad in the mail.  I went online, put in some information about our vehicles and drivers, and immediately got a quote.  I couldn't believe what I saw!!!  This quote was half of what we've been paying for car insurance.  I figured there was a catch.  My husband called and talked to someone at the company.  Not only did we cut our bill in half, but we raised our benefits, and lowered our deductible.       The only catch is... you have to be a teacher.  I don't know how they do it,but it is worth your time.  We had been with the same insurance company for many years, and already received discounts for multiple vehicles, college, direct payment, etc.  But once we got our official quote from Teacher's insurance, we did not hesitate to switch.  You have the option to have your payment on automatic withdrawal, you can go to their website and make your payment, or just put a check in the mail.       Don't hesitate.  Go to teachers.com for a free quote today!  You'll be so happy, take my word for it! 

Malden, MO


The jury's still out.


Once I paid my car off I was very happy to change insurance and go with Teacher's.  I have had success in other areas that cater to teachers as a special group.  They initially quoted a me a wonderfully low price.  After I signed up the price immediately changed: went up.  They said it was because the initial quote was wrong.  Since it wasn't that much, I decided to leave well enough alone.  I make my payments regularly, but there has been more than one time that they've threatened me with cancellation.  My payments post long after I make them, so I'm assuming that's the problem.  They're easy and helpful on the phone, but I tire having to continually call them.  We'll see if things get better, but I am not crazy about their service at present.

Tacoma, WA


Teacher's Insurance Plan: Outstanding value and service


Did you know that according to actuarial tables teachers are better drivers and are involved in fewer accidents?  Well, apparently they are and since the good Mrs. Xeno is a teacher we get to cash in.**The Teacher's Insurance Plan**When we made the decision to leave Geico, we were referred to **The Teacher's Insurance Plan** by their parent, **Response Insurance Group**.All application information was taken over the phone and a binder was offered immediately.  We were told that Veronica, being a teacher qualified for the teacher's plan and our policy that was identical to the one we had with Geico would now cost $814 less per year.  The policy was faxed to us for our review and acceptance.  Once we faxed the documents back to them, we made our first quarterly payment to them by Electronic Funds Transfer.  Within a week we had our permanent policy and insurance cards.Policies written by Teachers are annual policies.  The trend these days by many companies is to offer drivers six month policies.  This gives them greater opportunity to change premiums.**A little background****The Teacher's Insurance Plan** was launched in 1992 and currently offers policies to drivers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.  They are headquartered in Meriden, CT.**Customer Service**Customer Service is provided either over the telephone or on-line.  The few occasions we have had to require customer service have been drama-free, courteous experiences.**Claim Service**The Plan offers 24-hour Claim Service over the telephone and of course on-line.  To date, the only claim we have made was for the replacement of my windshield that was cracked by a pebble coming off a dump truck that was traveling in front of me on the Florida's Turnpike.No one likes to call the claim service and I'm no different.  But I placed the call which was answered within moments and after explaining the claim to the representative, he made an appointment for their glass replacement people (Safelite) to replace the windshield the next morning in my driveway.  I liked that a lot.  What I also liked was that in Florida, there is no deductible on windshield damage.  I have no idea why, but I do like it.**Payments and Account Maintenance**Payments can be made by mail, phone or on-line.  We prefer to maintain our account entirely on-line.  If you pay either monthly or  quarterly a small account maintenance fee is added.  Their web-site is well designed and easily navigated.**My Viewpoint**We are now starting our third year with them.  In the beginning I'll admit that I thought we might have been lured in with a teaser rate for the first year.  But we have been delighted with their renewal rates, customer and claim services.  They've offered us superior service and a great value.  It's hard to beat that combination.  I highly recommend **The Teacher's Insurance Plan.**  Try them if you can.Regards,Rudi

Boca Raton, FL


Teacher's Insurance Plan

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