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TeachUComp Mastering Microsoft Office Made Easy v. 2007 through 97 Training Tutorial (1934131261)

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Mastering Microsoft Office - great learn-at-home program


The Recession was in full swing; and I found myself out of a job and up against younger applicants with more degrees and software training/experience than I had.  I had to rectify that situation.  With Microsoft Office I was somewhere between a novice and an expert; and many employers, because they could be as picky as they wanted, were requiring proficiency in Microsoft Office even for entry-level positions.  I also found that more and more employers had  QuickBooks accounting software which did not match my software experience. There wasn't a bricks-and-mortar course available that hadn't started already; and I really wasn't that keen on going back into a classroom setting anyway; so I started researching Microsoft Office training software.  I always check user reviews when I'm looking for items on the internet; and Mastering Microsoft Office Made Easy v. 2007 through 97 by TeachUComp., Inc. looked like a good choice. This 2-volume (Deluxe Edition) training course contains 1,164+ video lessons, over 48 hours of instruction, 15 printable classroom manuals, practice exercises and keyboard shortcuts.  Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Windows and Word are covered.  This all-inclusive training program covers introductory through advanced material.  What I like about it is that you can choose by module; such as, Excel, and either review what you already know or start with new material.  Learning at your own pace and on your own schedule was so appealing that I couldn't resist.  It turned out to be a good purchase.  I could go through as much or as little material as I wanted in a day without leaving home.  I could go over a more difficult section as many times as I needed; and this program is always there any time you have questions. If you need to increase your proficiency, begin your training or brush up your skiils in Microsoft Office, you just might want to give these excellent tutorials a try.   Mastering QuickBooks Made Easy: [https://www.viewpoints.com/reviews/TeachUComp-Inc-Mastering-QuickBooks-Made-Easy-v-2007-through-2003-review-f9808/edit][1]     [1]: https://www.viewpoints.com/reviews/TeachUComp-Inc-Mastering-QuickBooks-Made-Easy-v-2007-through-2003-review-f9808/edit

Madison, OH


TeachUComp Mastering Microsoft Office Made Easy v. 2007 through 97 Training Tutorial (1934131261)

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