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Taylor TruTemp Digital Cooking Thermometer with Probe and Timer

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I couldn't cook without the Taylor TruTemp Probe Thermometer


Cooking without knowing the temperature of your food is like cooking blindly. It is completely neglected by so many home cooks, and should really be reinforced with those that are learning how to cook. I don't know where I would be without the Taylor TruTemp Probe Thermometer. I can use it to accurately tell the doneness of numerous kinds of meats, fish, poultry, roasts, breads, cakes, and the like. Not only does it give me peace of mind, because I know that my foods are cooked to the proper temperature to ensure juiciness and safety, but I can rely on it to tell me when my food is done. Just pop in the probe, set the temperature, and let the item cook until the alarm beeps. There's no more checking in on the food to see how it's doing or looking. Instead I know when my food is done from the inside out!

Orlando, FL


The Taylor TruTemp Thermometer and Timer works every time


The Taylor TruTemp probe and timer has to be on of the most used items in our kitchen. I use it everytime I am cooking any sort of beef, chicken or pork. It is the most accurate way to check for doneness. I like that I can pre-set the temperature, and keep the probe in the chicken or meat while it is cooking. The timer beeps to alert me that whatever I am roasting has reached the desired temp. I also use it for light frying. I make falafel pretty regularly, and the oil temp needs to be at 350 degrees before I can start cooking. The probe will stay in the oil without bouncing around while I attend to other things in the kitchen. A secondary use for this timer is as a time-out timer for the kids. We use it for that, or I often set it to count down how much time they have to do something. For example, "You need to practice guitar for 10 minutes". I set the timer, and my son knows that practice time is over. The only issue I have with the Taylor TruTemp thermometer is that it beeps EVERY time I just turn it on! We have owned this timer for a few years, and I have no idea why it does this. I have to press the start/stop button to shut it off. Would highly recommend this Taylor TruTemp thermometer and timer for anyone who enjoys cooking, or has kids!

Evanston, IL


Taylor Digital Cooking Thermometer ensure perfect doneness


I love to cook Prime Rib for special occasions but hate ruining an expensive cut of meat by overcooking it. I tried using the "minutes per pound" formula. I've tried the "hot oven then slow roast" method, as well as the "slow roast then final high heat" method. The result were inconsistent. Then I got the Taylor Digital Cooking Thermometer and I've never looked back. It runs on one AAA battery, flips up so you can easy read the temp and timer on the counter, then fold flat to store in a drawer. It has a built in timer, so you can either set the amount of time you want your meat to cook, or set the temperature gauge to sound the alarm when the desired internal temperature is reached. A word of advice: The unit has recommended temperatures for different types of meat. Ignore them unless you want completely well done meat. These are the U.S. government's guidelines for cooking meat to a safe temp, but they are significantly above the temps most people would find palatable. Remember that meat continues to cook after you take it out of the oven due to the residual heat, so the temp will continue to go up 7-10 degrees depending on the cut of meat. So, if you want the final temp to be 135, take it out when the thermometer reads 127. I tested this first on pork tenderloin. I just inserted the probe into the meat, set the internal temp goal, and put the meat in the oven. The probe is attached to a 4 ft. flexible, thin silicone cord that is heat proof and fits easily in the gap between the oven door and the oven. Just for fun, I set the timer as well. At exactly 29 minutes, the alarm sounded as I hit the temp goal and I pulled the meat out. I watched the internal temp continue to rise by 7 degrees as the pork rested. After 15 minutes, I cut into a perfectly succulent tenderloin. Since then, I've used the thermometer on every cut of meat that goes into the oven, including my beloved prime rib. The probe detaches easily from the unit and I just wash in hot soapy water, rinse, dry and pop it back into the drawer with the digital unit. No more guessing on how the meat will come out!

Denver, CO


Taylor TruTemp Digital Cooking Thermometer with Probe and Timer

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