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Taylor Biggest Loser Body Fat scale

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Great scale!


Very informative scale! Tells you body fat, muscle mass, water weight, how many calories to maintain weight. Mine can also be set up to remember all the different members of the family, each family can have their own setting for age etc. which is very helpful. Performance Shows a ton of info to help you in your weight loss journey. I like that it shows weight at .1' s. Like 123.1 or 123.3 etc. Some scales only go by 5's. Durability Very durable! My two kids are always going on it to weigh themselves and they are not that gentle and it's held up very well! Design Really nice sleek design, looks great in my bathroom, not clunky at all. Ease of Use I did have to read the directions to initially set up for me with my age and tall that but that only took a few minutes and has been super easy to use ever since. It does take about a minute to read your weight and all the other data. Accuracy It's usually within half a pound of the scale my Doctor uses. I weigh myself at home before every appointment so I'm not surprised and even after owning for awhile it's still very accurate.




Taylor body fat scale works well


I had been using one of those old school body fat calipers for a long time till i lost mine. It wasn't the best of ways to measure your body fat, but the cheapest way that i knew off. When i was looking for a replacement on amazon, i saw this scale as well, which wasn't that expensive at all. The best part was it was a nice looking digital weighing scale as well. It had quite bad reviews on amazon but i decided to take a chance and order it. It arrive quite fast, i took time to read the manual from cover to cover and then started it. It was very accurate on my weight as i compared it to my gym. As for the bodyfat it gave a figure which looked right and stayed consistent with my training weight loss over time. I once used a pro one at the local GMC store and was suprised to see the same figure! so the bodyfat scale on my piece was dead accurate. Quite happy with it.


Studio City, CA


Great addition to your diet or health program


The Biggest loser Body fat scale is great...It's attractive and accurate. It gives your weight to within .2 lb, plus it measures body fat, muscle, water, BMI then it also computes how many calories you need to maintain that weight. It has spots for 8 different people, you put in your info, such as age, height and then when you want to weigh yourself you just go to your place on the scale step on and and it gives you all that information. I love the muscle/fat measurements especially since when are dieting you are usually trying to lose fat and not muscle.  This scale will tell you if you are on target or not.  


Alva, FL


Taylor Biggest Loser Body Fat scale

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