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Tavist Allergy 12 Hour Relief Tablets

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Tavist Allergy: 12 Hours of Prescription Strength Relief


Allergy sufferers know how annoying an allergy attack can be and we know how good it feels to take some effective medicine and feel our problem start to subside. One allergy medicine I use every so often and with good results is **Tavist Allergy 12- Hour Relief.** ** ** **Medicine Commentary:** Tavist Allergy 12- Hour Relief is a product that is somewhat difficult to find, but many feel is worth the search. It was once available only as a prescription medication but is now sold over the counter. It helps relieve sneezing, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, and a scratchy throat and its active ingredient is Clemastine Fumarate, USP (1.34 mg). When it comes to sinus medication, I have used just about every product imaginable and Tavist Allergy 12- Hour Relief is one of the better products I have used to battle my allergy to pollen. Just a single tablet is all it takes to get the sneezing, runny nose, and other symptoms under control. After taking a tablet, one can feel a noticeable difference in about twenty minutes as the throat feels better and the nasal passages feel cleaner and clearer. Tavist Allergy 12- Hour Relief lasts longer than many other allergy brands and the product provides effective relief. Probably the greatest frustration with this medicine is finding it. Tavist isn't widely available like other allergy medicines. It often requires a visit to a large drug store or other retailer (or an online purchase) to find this allergy medication. **Bottom Line Viewpoint:** ** ** Tavist Allergy 12- Hour Relief is a very good allergy medicine that gets sneezing, itching, and runny noses under control. Just one tablet every twelve hours is all you need to stop the nasty effects of nasal allergies so you can go about your day. Effectiveness These are among the more effective allergy relief products available. Ease of Use Just one small pill to swallow Immediacy They get to work in a short time.


Houston, TX


The best for me- when I can find it!


I have moderate seasonal allergies.  I always have.  And I can remember taking Tavist as a little girl when it was only available in prescription.  It worked then, and it works now. I don't need an allergy medicine that I have to take every day.  I just need one that I can grab when my eyes start itching and my nose starts running.  If it's during the day and I need to stay awake, I choose this.  It lasts for 12 hours, and I actually can sometimes get by with just half a dose. I've never really felt any negative "medicine head" symptoms with it. The only complaint I have is that, as newer meds like Alavert and Zyrtec have come on the scene, fewer drugstores seem to be carrying this.  In fact, the last time I ran out I had to restock on a visit to my parents' house out of state. I'm sure it's just a matter of supply & demand, but I think this is a great allergy choice and am a little surprised more people aren't taking it!


Ringgold, GA


Tavist Allergy 12 Hour Relief Tablets

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