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Tastefully Simple
Tastefully Simple Awesome American BBQ Sauce

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Tastefully Simple Awesome American BBQ Sauce is AMAZING!


Yesterday morning, I put a beef roast in the crockpot with onions, garlic and a little water and cooked it on the low setting for seven hours. I then shredded the meat and poured **Tastefully Simple Awesome American BBQ Sauce** on it before stuffing it in a bun with pickled onions and a little more sauce. It was SO good! Even my husband, who prefers a more vinegary, Carolina style sauce loved this. This BBQ sauce has the perfect texture - it's not too thick and it's not too runny. It is seasoned exactly the way I like my BBQ to taste too; it's a little spicy, a little smoky, a little tangy and full of flavor. I don't like sauces that are too sweet or too vinegary and this one has a perfect balance. It leaves a little zip on your tongue and I love that. This BBQ sauce was absolutely perfect for pulled BBQ beef sandwiches, but I can't wait to slather it on ribs and use it for dipping chicken nuggets in. It really is a perfect BBQ sauce. I really love this product and highly recommend it if you don't mind your sauce to have a little bite!


Camp Lejeune, NC


Tastefully Simple Awesome American BBQ Sauce

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