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Tastefully Simple
Tastefully Simple Absolutely Almond Pound Cake

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I'll take a slice


Delicious and perfectly sweet. It's a bit fluffier than most pound cakes, but I love that. I love using this in trifle in recipes, it's great in trifle, with fruit, berries, etc. It's easy to make and a perfect size. Thanks Tastefully Simple for another great product.



Easy to make and most importantly Delicious!


Thanks to [this2shallpass19][1] , who sells Tastefully Simple for introducing me to this great line of food. I ordered a few things from her and one of the products was the Tastefully Simple Absolutely Almond pound cake. Hi, I'm MRSverret and I'm addicted to baked goods. There's nothing I will not try when it comes to cakes or cupcakes or brownies or anything of that sort. And for each birthday we have in the family, I order almond flavored birthday cake so Tastefully Simple Absolutely Almond pound cake was a no-brainer for me. To start with this mix is easy as 1, 2, 3. The only ingredients you will need is butter and water. Add to mix, stir, add to the pan and bake. Not complicated at all. And If you like to taste the batter, you won't feel so guilty with no eggs in there! I could not find my loaf pan so I opted to bake it in a nine inch round pan, which came out perfectly. On the box it gives you variations on how you could bake and try it.There's even a recipe on the back which sounds delicious and of course easy. On the website it also gives you information on the product. The whole time I had it in the oven I was cooking on the stove. The almond scent was just pouring out of the oven. It smelled so good. We decided to try it plain. I think that's the best way to try something for the first time. There's no added flavors, all you get is the product. Plus my boys are messy eaters so this would prevent additional cleaning later. I wasn't sure how a mix for pound cake just adding butter and water would taste but it was great. The texture was good. It was fluffy and moist but dense like a pound cake should be.  The butter flavor was good and the almond flavor was even better. The whole family had some for dessert and *loved* it. Overall Tastefully Simple Absolutely Almond pound cake was a winner at my house. I will have to recommend this product to everyone I know. It's easy and delicous! [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/aboutme/this2shallpass19

Way down south, LA


Tastefully Simple Absolutely Almond Pound Cake

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