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Single-Cup Coffee Makers
Tassimo T55 Single Cup Coffee Maker

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Changes the way you look at espresso home made drinks


I had a starbucks via machine for 5 years. The last year, I stopped using it because I had to put aside almost 30 minutes a day to get what I normally get from the coffee shop. But, now with the brewing system, I am again making my coffee drinks from home. It tastes just as good as drive-thru espresso coffee houses and is way more affordable. Because the t-discs use a bar code to read what kind of drink you want to make, its just as authentic as and espresso machine it; without the costs. I have been using this system for 3 months now and have tried all the coffee brands, which there is alot of. I think the biggest surprise has been the heat. When using my old machine, it often was not hot enough to use. But this machine makes the perfect temperature depending on what you are drinking. The drinks are always tasty, satisfying and quick to make. Instead of 30 minutes, it only takes about 5-7 minutes total. The reason for not giving it a 10 is base solely on the costs of the discs. They are working on more flavors, brands so hopefully the prices will come down soon as more people buy the product Brew Performance The brew performance is spot on. It's hot, bold flavor and always gives you a creamy foam. Ease of Cleaning There are two issues that influence this rating. One is that you must turn on the machine first and then pad the disc and then click it closed shut. You have to be extra careful and mindful of how you place the disc in. If it's off, the water will brew and seep outside of the disc container, spill on your counter and the grounds will drip into your coffee as well as around the machine, covering up the barcode reader. Little corners in the back of the disc area are difficult when this happends.




Tassimo T55 Single Cup Coffee Maker

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