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Task Force
Task Force Task Master leaf blower, vacuum and mulcher

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Burned Up


I purchased this blower from Lowes. After using it for 5 minutes the motor started smoking and then caught on fire and completely melted. I reviewed on line after this happened and saw some things about using a heavy guage extension? I did not read anything in the instructions about this being a problem? Received refund from Lowes.

Columbia, SC


task force blower?vac


 this is ok, it does what it says,sucks up leaves, dont try any type of twig or small branch it will clog up the tube in a heart beat. but my main ,main complaint is the bag,it says on the box that the bag will wear out and need replacing,but it does not say that after 9 bags there iwll be a hole in it and it becomes useless unless u replace it.,that is some crap!!!!

Waco, TX


Task Force Blower/Mulcher


IMy wife purchase a Task Force Electric Blower/Mulcher with metal impeller for me as a gift. I had another brand that been using for a long time and it provided good service. But this new one is far superionr to the one I was using. It blows leaves so much better and with such force. I like that about it. It also works as a vaccumn mulcher and I like that also. It does a much better job as a leaf vaccumn than my previous unit.. It does infact pick up and mulch small twings and mulches them well. As well as leaves. the large vaccumn tube is very adequate, and works well for that. I do have a problem with the bag, it is not adequate, it is large enough but not made of good material. The first time I used it, it developed a hole in the bag where the leaves enter the bag. My wife, being a good seamstress had made a good workable repair by sewing in a large patch of duct type material. Other than that I like it a lot.  

Poteet, TX


Task Force leaf blower sucks, but not enough!


Task Force Task Master Leaf Blower Sucks! Isn't that what it is supposed to do? Yes, but it doesn't suck enough and thats the problem! It refuses to mulch and chop small branches, twigs and pine cones. It mulches leaves pretty well but who has leaves with out pinecones or twigs mixed in. The bag is small which means I spend most of my time emptying the bag and re-attaching the bag to the unit only to empty and reattach again. My hand goes numb from the vibrations and its not very comfortable. I purchased this in the late spring 2010 because it was the only model left on the shelf at Lowes. It was comparably priced with others and I was desperate to clean up my yard in my newly purchased home. Unfortunately, I ended up going back to the good old rake and trash can method. I wish I would have gon ewith a brand I could trust like Toro. This product works great as a blower but I intended to use it as a leaf mulcher and chipper. I would love to purchase a better quality blower chipper mulcher but for now I am sticking with my rake! How I hate the fall leaves!

Tuckerton, NJ


Don't think I could live without it.


I will be the first to admit that I never thought I needed a leaf blower before.  I always figured the leaves would either blow away, get mulched when my lawn service mowed the grass, or I could have the kids rake.  My husband convinced me that this leaf blower was needed.  It has a vacuum and mulcher.  So we get it and I have to admit it was the best thing I could have bought this fall.  Not only does it blow the leaves, it can mulch them and suck them up into a bag that slings right over your shoulder.  I could not believe how efficient it was.  What should have taken up to 5 yard waste bags was able to be stuffed into two because of the mulching option.  It was fantastic!  The bag is not that big so it did have to be emptied several times.  But that hassle is well worth the other conveniences.  And the best part-  it is electric so it is also envrionmentally friendly.  I can't believe I waited so long to buy one.

Hoffman Estates, IL


Task Force Task Master leaf blower, vacuum and mulcher

3.4 5