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Task Force
Task Force 1750PSI Electric Pressure Washer

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SO much fun and easy...we're washing everything!


We finally broke down and purchased a pressure washer to keep our driveway, walkway, deck and siding clean. We were looking for something small as we don't have a lot of storage space. This model was great since it is compact and runs on electricity instead of having a big gas engine. Since we have a small lot, we are never far from an electrical outlet and gas is not necessary. The motor is sealed so there is no engine maintenence. The hose connections are a breeze since it comes complete with a quick connect coupling. It is also fun to use and has enough power to really clean most dirt and grime from hard surfaces without needing detergents! It does have a detergent container for those jobs that might require that added power. We have NEVER cleaned our concrete driveway in 8 years and one afternoon with nothing more than water, this little power washer made it look almost new! Purchased at a major home improvement store for a very reasonable price!

Houston, TX




I purchased a Task Force 1450PSI Pressure washer 18 months ago from Lowes.  This weekend the unit stopped working and would no longer deliver a pressurized stream of water.  Seeing that the unit was no longer under warranty I decided to take off the housing to see If I could figure out why it was no longer working.  It appears that there is a custom designed plastic coupling that connects to an aluminum casting inside the unit that pressurizes the flow of water.  That housing has 2 flanges molded into it that held it into the housing.  Those flanges were worn down and eventually sheared off from the backpressure of the water.  I figured this was a simple fix.  Just call the company and purchase the replacement coupling. Boy was I WRONG. It seems that the manufacturer is happy to replace the unit if it fails within the first year of purchase.  However, if internal failures occur after 1 year the manufacturer will not sell you replacement parts.  They say that they do not make replacement parts for the internal workings of the unit.  Therefore, if an internal hose or coupling or wire breaks, the unit is garbage. I called customer service as well as e-mailed the "support" team.  they both gave me the same answer.  I asked an operator named Chris if this ever happened to anyone else.  He said "You're not the first one." The sad thing is that I was happy with this product until I fould out that once it failed, it was garbage.  Unless I can find someone to make a custom coupling, the unit cannot be repaired.  Of course, the cost of making a custom part will be more than replacing the unit.

Bumpass, VA


Task Force 1750PSI Electric Pressure Washer

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