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Cheek Stain
Tarte Natural Cheek Stain - All Colors

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All natural, highly pigmented cheek stain.


Tarte's cheek stain has amazing durability and looks flawless. All of tarte's product are all natural which is a plus. Although, the product is expensive compared to others. Tarte is a great alternative If you are looking to not use cheap, drugstore, chemically overdosed products on your skin because it is 100% all natural. Sometimes tartes products can look a little cacked on so you have to make sure you are using just the right amount. With tarte, less is more! Especially with their foundations but it is also applicable for their blushes. For instance, if you were using a red or a darker cheek stain and you have relatively light skin then you may want to just use a light dab to the cheeks or take a brush and dab it on the stain then apply it to the face. Overall though, I would give the product a 9 because it is high quality, goes on great, and is better for your skin then using gross chemically OD'ed products. But, it is on the more expensive side of the scale.




Long-Lasting, Easy-to-Amp-Up Color


I absolutely adore Tarte's Natural Cheek Stain. After struggling to keep other stains or powder blushes looking even and natural, I picked up this stain in "Tipsy" and haven't gone back. Not only does each stick last for around a year, but the high quality ingredients are great for your skin. The sheer color of the pigment makes it easy to lighten or intensify depending on the occasion, and (unlike other stains that come in tubes or palettes) this product is easy to keep clean and bacteria free (I wipe down the surface of the stain twice a week with a tissue).




MOVE-able Blush


I don't trust cheek stains as they too often stain as soon as they touch the skin.  This product allows you time to put the blush WHERE you want it, and HOW you want it to look.  This is a good product, I just hope they don't discontinue it for something else.  I used Avon blushing sticks in the 70's and this is FAR superior to what they had in the 'olden days'


Kent, WA


tarte natural cheek stain blushing bride is gorgeous


I first tried tarte natural cheek stain in an orangy color. and i fell in love with tarte cosmetics. They are a nice alternative to heavilly bad ingredients in makeup. Alot of times, you will find your makeup has a lot of questionable ingredients, and tarte took that and made a makeup line that is environmentally safe and uses natural ingredients. I really love that about tarte cosmetics. So after trying the tarte natural cheek stain, I decided to try more colors and came accross the blushing bride color. This is such a nice color, and these blushes smell deliciously sweet. The scent is a bit strong but it fades super quickly to a standable odor. These are super sheer, so while the color may look scary in the tube, it is super sheer. This color is a bit plumy, a rosy glow. They are easy to apply with the easy to apply container. They have a lot of product in the tube, so a tube of blush will last a long time, they do not require alot of product to show up, but if you want a stronger color, just apply another layer.


San Bernardino, CA


Great cheek stain


I was a little worried about purchasing this product because I was concerned that the color would be very intense and unnatural looking. True to its name, Flush gives my cheeks such a natural looking flush! I have a medium-olive complexion and the color works very well with my skim type - not too pink or too apricot.This is the best blush ever! My combination skin is on the fairer side and this blush gives you the most natural flushed look. It looks completely natural. You don't need that much. I use my finger, dab it on the cheek and then blend it in. However, if I use a mineral veil or a lightweight powder before I apply it, it becomes a sticky gooey mess, so avoid that combination whatsoever! In fact, I find it moisturizes my sometimes dry cheeks in the winter. In the summer I use "sun kissed" and it gives a great healthy bronzed look. You can even dab that one on your nose and forehead for an overall glow! Very, very natural and long-lasting. I used to use Chanel powder blush, but just found that powder blushes were too cakey and looked too heavy and unnatural. If you're going for a very natural, beautiful flush, then try the tarte cheek stains. "Flush" is best on skin with blue undertones, but there are other colors that would suit warmer skin tones. I love this blush!


Henderson, NV


Great blush and lasts all day


I am a huge fan of tarte's cheek stains, even more so now that they are so good for your skin! The colors give you a very natural, long lasting flush, just like you came in from the cold, gorgeous! I love Blissful & True Love. My reason for only 4 stars is I don't care for the scents. I would like them more without smelling like sugary sweet fruit. Still, I love them, they last all day long & application is so easy. This is definitely a product for women who are minimalists or who desire a more natural look. Women who like heavier coverage or a more dramatic look may not be as smitten with this product. The colors are sheer rather than opaque, but they are buildable. I'd call this more of a gel-blush than a cheek "stain," but the glow lasts all day. Even though it's expensive, a little goes a long way. I will definitely purchase other shades. The only thing is that it also melts and gets tacky sometimes, but that may be because of the fluctuating temperatures


Brooklyn, NY


tarte natural cheek stain is my favorite blush


tarte cheek stain is a product that I love but seldom use. The stick is large and fat which applies blush in the right size almost immediately. The stain is transparent and the consistency of stick deodorant. Once you put it on you have about 15 second to smooth it out before the stain dries. I love this product because you don't need any brushes. The container is sturdy and keeps the gel clean. It is wonderful for travel since it keeps so well. The colors are pretty; brightly pigmented yet believable. I used it several times and have barely taken a milimeter off of the stain so obviously, it will last for many years. The reasons I stopped using this product are because of the ingredients. Tarte cheek stain does not smell organic or sweet, more like chemicals. It has artificial colors and preservatives. This is in most products, but Tarte usually carries more natural products. So I just use it fr special occasions and it is great!


Reynoldsburg, OH


SO natural, and incredibly easy


I use the shade "blush" and it is incredibly easy to apply (I rub my index and middle finger on it, then pat it on the apples of my cheeks and outward to my ears, and pat around to blend.)  Sometimes I find I have to re-apply after an entire work day has passed, for dinner, but the color generally lasts the whole day - the color never slides away, or fall off as some powders do.  And best of all, it looks incredibly natural when you get the right shade for yourself.  People never see the funny luminescent shimmy look on yuor cheeks that some powders cause.  This looks like you've had a glass of wine, or a nice romp in the snow, or you're blushing prettily. The one con I have to say is that the big ole tube is rather thick, and doesn't fit easily in any pocket or makeup bag - it can fit in my bag, sure, but what if I want to take it out in a little clutch for dinner and a night out?  Does not fit. Also, Tarte will say that it can be used as a lip stain... all I have to say is BLEUGH, it tastes very bitter and gross.  I used it this way once, in an emergency - it works, for maybe an hour or so for a little pop of color, btu I wouldn't call this a multi purpose makeup at all.  It is most definitely NOT a lip stain. 


Beverly Hills, CA


Smells amazing, fades


While this cheek stain allegedly works well for others, it didn't work so well for me. I tend to have somewhat oily / combination /uneven skin and I have to wear makeup underneath this stain. I think it might work better for someone who wears little to no makeup, as the consistency of this seems to disrupt the texture of my foundation and make a weird mix. It also remains sticky, which conflicts with the texture of my makeup as well. This might be a better concept for summer. On the plus side, the cheek stain smells delicious and the stain looks pretty on my fingers. It doesn't seem to last well on my face, though and barely shows up. The dark red color looks intimidating, but I'd have to use a ton for it to actually show up. Overall, I'm not so impressed. Wish that this worked better for me, because I think it would be really pretty and more natural looking if it would show up and had more staying power.


Portland, OR


Is that your cheek or your grandma's end table?


Ahhhhhhh.... I hate to give this stuff a bad review because the concept is so stinkin cool....its like lipstick for your cheeks... HOW COOL IS THAT? Im honestly mad at myself right now for what Im about to say... I dont recommend it. Heres the problem: When you put it on your cheeks, it makes them sticky... Sticky like a sticky lip gloss.. Who wants that on their cheeks? No matter how you try to blend it or rub it in, it does not look like blush. It looks like what it is...stain. It looks as though you took a big fat roll on tube of lip gloss and put it onto your cheeks. Also, the color I got was bad. I forget the name, but it was like furniture polish color? I dont know about you, but the last thing I want someone to think of when they look at my face is a 1980s wooden TV set with a fresh coating of Pledge!!!! So, while I give it an A plus for effort... I give it a D for performance... Boo...Im booing myself.


Tampa, FL


Tarte Natural Cheek Stain - All Colors

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