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Lip Stain
Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tint

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Gorgeous color with natural ingredients Perfect wear


This is one of the best basics in lip tint out there. The packaging and presentation is gorgeous, but the contents is purely wonderful. The colors are beautiful on the lips, as well as moisturizing. This is a lip tint/color that won't leave your lips feeling dry, and it wont feel caked on. It feels satiny and smooth even hours after it is applied. One of my favorite lip tints to date. It does not stain the lips. It enhances the lips with just the right amount of color, while moisturizing the lips. This is a 2 for one, a gorgeous color with a soft sleek feel that isn't drying.



Great for a minimalist look


I received a sample of this from Birchbox in the color "Peaceful". How fun is the idea of a twistable pencil crayon that delivers a natural stain to your lips? This is not for those who want a bold star-of-the-room lips, but more for those of us who just need a good amount of moisturizing and a hint of color in more conservative environment. The application glides on like butter and keeps my lips hydrated for 3-4 hours. Peaceful is a barely-there, sheer brown coral color that pretty much just darken my already highly pigmented lips. Since I like my lips to be nude-ish and pale I layer this over a too-light lip color (Revlon Creamsicle) and the two makes a perfect combination of light peachy pink. For those with naturally light lips I can't imagine this coming on too dark; it'll most likely give you a perfect orange coral color. Lastly, this little tube (sample size) I received lasts at least 10 months already from daily usage, so I believe that a full size is definitely worth the price tag!

Berkeley, CA


Exposed....a color for everyone!!


I have the LipSurgence Natural Matte Lip tint in Exposed. All I can say is get this!!! It is a nice natural color and it stays put. When It goes on there is a nice tingly minty feel and taste. Its is very smooth, but dry. It stains the lips. The drying part is why I gave it one less star. If you have dry lips (like my sister) you wont like it (she doesn't). I wear it almost daily. I always wear lipstick or gloss. This stuff stays on (and does not look over done) even when I am playing roller derby!! I also have the color "envy" when I want something a little brighter. I think this too would look great on many complexions. I get a lot of compliments on both and have turned many of my friends onto this lipstick. I get this at Ulta. <3

Downingtown, PA




I wanted some slightly more emphatic color, so I walked away with a tarte lipstain that was very red. And boy oh boy did I get what I was looking for! There are definitely days when it's too much. I have to feel pretty bold to wear it -- but when I feel I can pull it off, it's great!  Stain is definitely the right way to describe it. You can eat, drink -- probably even have a heavy makeout session -- and this stuff will not move. (You'll have to test that last one on your own.) At the end of a five-hour event, my lips were still just as bright as when we started. Also, a little goes a long way, so this stuff will absolutely last me forever. Even if I wore it every day... there's a lot of it. And I don't wear it every day. I think the only really negative thing is that you really need to be committed to the color when you put it on. If you need to wash it off, it's a struggle. Once or twice I've changed my mind and, since it's not really a neutral color, had to get the shade off my lips. Even with a little soap and water, the stuff still didn't want to go away completely -- and it bled a bit around my lips, making me look like I'd either just had a 20-hour kiss-fest or had smeared cherries around my lips (but not on them). Not really the best look either way. I had to put some concealer on around that area to help even out the tone.

Phoenix, AZ


Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tint

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