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Tarte Lash Hugger Eco-Friendly Mascara

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I'm bummed I don't like Tarte Lash Hugger Natural Mascara!


I love Tarte products and I'm addicted to mascara, so naturally, I had to have this mascara! Unfortunately, the only thing I like about it is its natural ingredients and eco-friendliness. I was super excited to try out this mascara, so I was really bummed when the results were far below average. Although the brush looks like it would work well, it doesn't. Instead of grabbing your lashes and coating them, it seems like it's barely touching my lashes. The result: barely lengthened lashes with almost no discernible amount of volume. My lashes look like a darker version of their puny selves. What I DO like about **Tarte Lash Hugger Eco-Friendly Natural Mascara **is that the tube is made of recycled plastic, it's not tested on animals and it's made with natural ingredients. Unfortunately, all of those attributes don't affect the product's usage. I have another Tarte mascara waiting in the wings, and I sure hope it's a lot better than this one!

Camp Lejeune, NC


Tarte lash hugger is smooth


I received this Tarte lash hugger mascara ( i think i mentioned this mascara in another review and called it tree hugger hahah) in a kit which contained the cheek, lips, eye liner, eye curler, and a shimmer pot. Well this lash hugger marcara is what impressed me the most. I like Tarte for what it stands for, being consciously making an effort to helpo the environment as well as being good for our faces, why put on all these chemicals on our face? well i still use other makeup , but it makes me feel fresh and clean when i use tarte, their products smell yummy. well the cheek tint does. This mascara, is pigmented, and application is super easy. It is buttery smooth. and the smell isnt overpowering. it does not clump. I wear it mostly for everyday use, i do not really go for it when i go out to a concert. I guess its not extravagant, and for nights out, you do want an exxagerated lash, so this is mostly for everyday use, when you want to have your make up done, but not be over the top.

San Bernardino, CA


Great natural mascara option that doesn't flake.


I try to use all natural and organic products and was so happy when I found tarte. It doesn;t flake, goes on like mascara instead of a tint and washes off easily. It's competitor bare escentuals, was one of the worst, but the only option until I found tarte. Hope they come out with a complete eco friendly line soon!

Valley Village, CA


Tarte Lash Hugger Eco-Friendly Mascara

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