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Target Women's Prenatal Vitamins

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Bye bye nausea


I'm 7 weeks pregnant and have been throwing up and nauseated for 4 weeks straight . I couldn't keep water down much less these huge prenatal vitamins I was taking I went to target and saw these up and up funnies and I feel like I just won the lotto, after the first one my nausea went away and they taste so good they are easy on the tummy. Love them



great even as a regular vitamin


i recently heard that taking prenatal vitamins would help with hair and nail growth and also give me the nutrients that ive been slightly lacking. after hearing this i took a look in the mirror at my hair that hadnt been growing for over a year and then down at my nails that i recently stopped chewing that looked like hell and decided id test this theory out. ive been taking prenatals every other day for over a year now and they have become part of my routine because ive seen healthychanges. my nails grow at a better rate and chip and peel less. my hair has been growing at a good pace as welland its a relief to actually see strands getting longer after such a longperiod of not growing at all. i canhonestly say that these will be part of my routine for a very long time now.

Johnstown, NY


love these


My wife is currently taking womans prenatal target brand multi vitamin and she loves them.I love the price and that we no longer have to visit a pharmacy to pick these up it is way more convienient and easy for a busy family to just grab off the shelf and go. I know she did discuss with her doctor and he agreed that these are just as healthy and beneficial for her and the unborn child as any vitamin she would get from a prescription at the pharmacy. The only downside is if your local pharmacy offers free prenatal multi vitamins you have to get a brand behind the pharmacy not off the shelf.but the convience to us and our kids is worth more than the sevrel bucks we pay every so often for a bottle of prenatal vitamins. She has a easy time swallowing these pills as well and the make her less sick than the stuart prenatal vitamins did. she is taking these for four months now and we are very pleased with them.

Toledo, OH


Target Women's Prenatal Vitamins

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