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Target Sofabed

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Good for the price!


Good for the price! The Target Sofabed is a great inexpensive bed and couch. If you're looking for a cheap futon sofa bed, then this might just be your answer. I bought one for my nephew who was going away to college and needed something for his apartment. He says that they love sitting on this sofa to watch television, study, or do their homework (ha! Like I think they ever study!). He also said it had been great when friends have been over (I am sure totally sober) and didn't want to head to their apartment or house for the evening. They can easily sleep on this sofa when that happens. I don't think this is a long lasting piece of furniture but is a great multi-purpose, cheap, sofa bed that can fulfill a lot of purposes in an office, game room, or teenage hang-out room. My nephew really likes it and thinks I am a super cool aunt for giving him this is a graduation gift. I agree of course!!!

Durham, NC


Cheap in Price. Cheap Quality


This item is always being returned at the store. Very Cheap in price. Perfect for a dorm room because of it's size, however, not durable and not worth the money. The frame does not hold alot of weight and can be easy bent.

Frederick, MD


Target Sofabed

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