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Target Body Pillow

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Love these.


Last year was my first year of college and I begged my family for one of these for Christmas because I had heard that they worked really well in dorm rooms and were also really comfortable. So I ended up getting one and I absolutely love it! It's really comfortable and is really nice because you can set it up next to the wall and lean up against it, or you can literally just lay right on top of it when you're sleeping. I would definitely recommend it to absolutely anyone whether it be college students, young kids, teenagers, adults, anyone. I mean, who doesn't like comfortable pillows all over their bed? You can also find pillow cases to cover them and you can find a huge variety of those. From many different patterns to different textures, you can find one to fit what you see as comfortable. I love my body pillow and I use it all the time. Like I said super comfortable and I would say definitely durable for as to how long they last and keep their softness, or comfortability.



Very comfortable, but flattens out


The body pillow from target is so comfortable, but unfortunately it flattens out and cannot get re-fluffed. I absolutely love body pillows because they are very comfortable to sleep with, and I find that with my sore back it suits me. I just wish they would not flatten out so quick and just stay fluffy!



Target Body Pillow

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