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Tappan Microwave TMV151FB

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great microwave


When I moved into my new house, I needed to replace all of the appliances and this was one of the first that I did.  I love the fact that it saves space and so easy to reach over the stove. something I never had before, only the counter models which took up too much area.  This one is just  the nicest and so easy to use, not complicated at all.  The only trouble I had was deciding whether I wanted white or stain less steel.  I chose the white as all of my other new items werw in that color, but in a way am sorry that I did not go with the stainless.  Anyway, this icrowave is well woth the price and is just in the medium price range, not too expensive.  It has a clean look and is not hard to keep clean, wipes easily.The many cooking options that it offers are perfect for my use and believe you me, I use it each and every day for one reason or another. I could not believe how many different ones there were on the market but have always liked this style.  well worth the money.

Leicester, NC


A cheap microwave that still works well


Pros: We bought this over-the-stove model to give us more counter space. It is wonderful for that.  The microwave is not large, but it has a large capacity. You can easily fit large bowls or casseroles in it.  I love the "Add 30 seconds" button. It is so convenient to have a one button quick-on. I also often use the auto-defrost button. You enter the weight of the item you are wanting to defrost, and it calculates the time for you and adjusts the power as necessary during the time. The glass plate removes easily for ease of cleaning. Cons: They tried too hard with the control panel. Rather than just putting a circle where the buttons are, they did a squiggly mark, like it was colored with a crayon. I think they were trying to be artistic, but really, it just looks cheap and dated. But, the design of the control panel not that big of a deal. The most important thing is how the microwave works. The fan is not very powerful. Overall, I would recommend this microwave to others. 

Houston, TX


This microwave can hold 9x13 pans no problem!


This microwave works very quickly at getting things to the temperature you desire.  You can use a lower power to get things just thawed or warmed up or put it on high to get things cooked quickly. A 9x13 casserole pan can be put in the microwave if the glass tray on the bottom  is just turned over before you put the pan in the microwave.  It will cook without turning that way.  It also has a feature where you can push like how many potatoes you want to bake and it will automatically determine the time for you and it is usually correct, depending on the size of them.  I also enjoy the timer which can be used even when the microwave isn't in use.  For instance, if I have two things cooking on the stove I can use the stovetop timer for one item and the microwave timer for the other item.  I enjoy the off the counter feature so that I have more counter space.  No one ever complains about having more counter space!  To top it off, there is a light that shines down on the counter if you want to use it.  There is also an exhaust fan.  Would buy it again! 

Jersey Shore, PA


Tappan Microwave TMV151FB

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