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The dress was very pretty and seemed well made....


... except it was a one shoulder dress and there was nothing to hold up the other side of the dress . So when she leaned forward, it fell down. I called, sent pictures and emailed them. They seemed really nice and promised to send a piece of beaded sash so we could take it to the tailor and have that fixed... I waited, the tailor here took it in and hemmed it (i expected these type of fixes).. but the promised sash with beading never arrived. So-- their lack of follow up caused us to have to make-shift an answer with the spare material from the hemming. I would have given them glowing reviews but BE CAREFUL! You need to allow lots of time...and be prepared to call, email etc. just in case there are suprises.

Weston, MA


The dress was dreadful


BEWARE when ordering from this company. I ordered a dress for my daughter based on a photo that was shown on their website and when the dress came it was nothing like the dress in the picture. It fit awful, the color was way off and the style was no where near the dress advertised on the website. I will be contacting them for a full refund but I doubt I'll get one. The address I received the dress from is in China and the person that contacted me about my shipping address barely spoke English. I would never recommend this website to anyone.



do not order from this company


We ordered a dress from this company for my daughter's senior prom. We ordered it on April 12th and asked that it be on time for May14th. The company e-mailed us back stating that it would arrive before May 14th and charged my credit card immediately. On May 12th I e-mailed the company asking what the status of the dress was and they said that they would check and give me an exact date. They kept promising to deliver and never did.I finally cancelled the order with my credit card company and Talk about Prom e-mailed me wanting to send the dress that day (Sunday, Yah) By this time prom had come and gone. I said that I wanted to cancel my order and they kept asking me if I really wanted to. They finally said that they would send me a check within a week. Guess what? It never happened. My daughters best friend also ordered from this same web site and never got her dress for the prom even though she was charged the day that she ordered it. This pretends to be an American company. I don't think that it is. Please consider my message before ordering from this website.

Portland, ME


amazing job


I am VERY satisfied with all three dresses I ordered from them. They look amazing on all the girls. they called to make sure I have given them the right measurements. I was very happy with how fast the dresses arrived! Thanks again!! These girls will look beautiful on my wedding day!

Atlanta, GA



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