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Tagital 7" A13 Android Tablet

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Not worth the time or trouble


This tablet was a disaster. It never would set up WiFi, no matter what I tried. No customer service to call, just directions written in broken English. I had to return it. I tried it for my grandson, as a starter tablet for a 10 yr old, but ended up returning it and going to WalMart for an RCA tablet in the same price range that set up immediately and worked wonderfully. Save yourself the time and trouble of returning this by just starting with something else! Battery Life Seemed average on battery life, which is about 4 hours, maybe 5 hours, on one of these tablets. Processing Speed It never worked right, so speed was never a real issue. Weight It's lightweight, but heavy enough to not feel terribly cheap. I know thin is in, but it seems like anything worth having and with probably the features you would want, would have to have at least a little weight to it. It felt about like most of the other tablets I looked at and explored prior to purchasing. App Availability They just didn't work! Design The design was fine but useless when the tablet doesn't work. Durability Returned not working within the first 3 days.

Ludowici, GA


Tagital 7" A13 Android Tablet

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