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Glucose Monitor
TRUEtrack Smart System Blood Glucose Monitor

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True Track Blood Glucose Monitor works are good as expensive one


Len has probably had at least 15 different monitors for his diabetes. They have changed with his H.M.O.'s, and also he is given a free one every 5 years. Most of them were used for a short period of time, but he has had the original True Track Smart System Blood Glucose Monitor for 6 years. It is still working, and although he has had 2 new, different ones since, he continues to use it, as he has test strips left. It is probably the cheapest one around, and often drugstores will give it away free, if you buy the 50 or 100 box of strips. Even these are about the third of the price of other brands. Len tests his sugar twice a day, and finds it to be accurate. So if you are looking for a free, or inexpensive monitor then look no further.

New Port Richey, FL


TRUEtrack Smart System Blood Glucose Monitor

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