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TRESemme Remoisturize Conditioner

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Love TRESemme


I use this in my hair dyes, manic panic, because this is a white conditioner. I loved it, My hair became super smooth and soft, and even flowed in the wind, like in the movies, only my hair was a lavender color... But when i used this as a deep conditioner on its own, i became more impressed. It didn't weight my hair down at all. This is a must have.




great product for untamable hair


i never thought i would find a conditioner for my wirey, unmanageable hair! Treseme Moisturizer Conditioner was definitely the product for me. I give them a 9/10 because it's a little costly, but worth it! Effectiveness My hair has never been so soft! Scent I absolutely love the smell of this product!




You get what you pay for


For years, I used TRESemme Conditioner because it was inexpensive and said salon quality.  I thought that by using large handfuls (on my shoulder length, brown, frizzy, thick hair), it would be equally good as using less of a better condition.  I was very wrong about that!  I recently switched and now try out John Frieda, Fredrick Fekkai and other better conditioners.  The bottles last almost as long (since I use less each time) and the difference in my hair texture is amazing! It is smoother, tamer, and shiner.  The conditioners are thick and non-greasy, as opposed to feeling all watery like TRESemme conditioner.  They actually smell good and make washing  my hair fun instead of a chore.  I highly recomend that budget-conscious consumers try using a more expensive conditioner (in small poritions) as opposed to purchasing a lower quality type in bulk.  Your hair will thank you and in the end it will be the same impact on your wallet.


Butler, NJ




I love this conditioner! It smells so fresh and clean. When you put it on your hair, your hair becomes slick and manageable. And after you wash it out, your hair feels so soft! I have been using this conditioner for about 3 weeks now and I can tell a difference between my hair now and my back back then! I blow-dry my hair and straighten my hair every day, so my hair has to take a lot of damage. This conditioner is amazing, and really moisturizes my hair! Before I used this conditioner, if I didn't straighten my hair, my hair would turn into a frizzy mess. Now it's silky smooth and soft! I can't stop running my fingers through my hair! I have used Tresseme all of my life and it has never let me down. Their products really are salon quality! I have used salon brand conditioners, and they do not compare to the price of Tresemme products. Same quality, but lower price. I would recommend this conditioner to anyone! :)


Van Buren, AR


Dry_Tangled Hair say goodbye!


I have always kept my hair long, so sometimes it is hard to keep the tangles out. WithTRESemme conditioner I do not have to worry. I started using this product a couple of years back and I do not know what I would do without it now. Before I started using TRESemme mostiure my hair would feel almost like hay when I was washing it. It was hard to get the tangles out once I did get it was and even harder to do anything with once it was blown dry. After I started using it I could not believe the difference it made in my hair. It was soft and silky, easy to comb through and I could style it anyway I wanted. The texture of the conditoner was amazing almost like vasoline, very thick so you can let it set on your hair while you are washing in the shower. It is a product that is found in almost any store that sells shampoo and it is budget friendly. I would absolutly recommend this product to anyone that had dry unmanagable hair.


Corbin, KY


Makes your hair look great - briefly.


A stylist friend had recommended TRESemme to me as a budget friendly product that is still great for your hair.  Plus the Remoisturize line would be great for my typically dry, curly hair.  I began using it and loved it.  The smell was awesome and it made my hair look great. After a few months I noticed my hair was not curling like it usually did and was becoming very difficult to style.  Usually I don't have any problem with volume, but it became flat and dull-looking.  I had recently had my second child and thought that the changes might just be hormone related and would ease up over time.  Several months later my hair looked downright disgusting. It literally looked like I never washed or brushed my hair. I went to my stylist desperate for some kind of fix.  She was appalled!  She said that typically TRESemme is not as notorious for wax buildup as others, such as Pantene, but that's what I had and a lot of it!  She even dug her fingers down and raked her nails across my scalp, then showed me the wax under her nails - eww! I switched to a salon brand to strip it down - after a month my hair looked curly, voluminous and NORMAL again.  It took a little longer to remove the scalp wax. Never again.   I would not recommend this product - I can't imagine the horror if I had fine hair! 


Damascus, VA


A Great Value But It Sometimes Leaves a Residue


We have been using the TRESemme Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner in my house for several months now and have been pleased with the results. It is a great value and you get a lot of product. I did switch to another product for a short time. I read that it is good to switch brands every so often so your hair does not get used to a certain product. I don't know if this is true or if another brand was trying to get people to try their product. But anyway, I am again using the TRESemme Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner and I like how the product seems to keep my hair moisturized. One problem I have experienced that I don't with other product is a residue that is left behind after I use the conditioner. If I use just the shampoo, it is fine but I have a problem with washing all the conditioner out of my hair. Overall though, I think TRESemme is a great product for the price and I will continue to use it. 


Phoenix, AZ


TRESemme conditioner leaves hair silky and shiny.


  TRESemme conditioner works very well for my type of hair hich is relatively straight. I think it adds shine and body to my hair as long as I don't use too much or too often. I like to buy it when they have the big bottle with 33% more for free so it doesn't cost so much because it is a little expensive. I find it works best if I put it on my hair while there is still some of the shampoo still in it, then it doesn't seem to be too thick or oily. The conditioner has a fresh, pleasant aroma that is not overpowering and leaves hair easy to manage. I think most people would like this product especially if they have hair that is damaged by bleaching, over-washing, sun or swimming. The only real negatives are the price which is a little high and that if used every day seems to make hair limp and heavy, so I only use it every other shampoo or when my hair seems stressed. I find this stuff comparable to Pantene and would recommend.


Saint Louis, MO


I select all kinds of TRESemme' and shine.


I have been using the shampoo and conditioner that restores many of my worries.  It is TRESemme'.  I will to list the reasons.  I just love the selection for the many different hair types.  If my hair is dull and drab, they have a kind for that.  If my hair gets static electricity and no hat helps, they have a great conditioner for that too.  I will be trying the kinds out there on the market with only this brand.  In the past I have paid alot of money to buy the expensive brands that claim "to be worth the money."  I even tried to get some help from a professional, whom charged me, to help me select the best brand specific to my personal hair type. Now for fractions of the price, I get the silky shine I was hoping for.  The added bonus is because of our ever changing weather patterns, one never knows how that hair day will turn out.  The solution is that this brand is fortified with vitamins like, b5, aloe, which are essential for moisture rich hair.


Yelm, WA


TRESemme Remoisturize Conditioner

3.8 9