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Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair
TRESemme Colorthrive Blonde Shampoo

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Tresemme colorthrive not so thriving.


I bought this Tresemme Colorthrive shampoo about a month ago.  I was looking for something that would enhance the blonde highlights I had in my hair.  I have used plenty of blonde enhancing shampoos from other companys.  I noticed that this product did wash as a shampoo after about 4 washes in one setting.  I even tried to use it more time hoping it would work better after some more time.  It says its for all hair types but I believe that was false advertisement as it did not work well with my type.  I have very curly and dry hair.  This shampoo did not bring out the highlights but actually made them dull and left my hair pretty dry.  My boyfriendm who has strait and oily hair with frosted hair used this and it dulled his hair too.  I now understand why this product was only 4.00 a bottle.  I think i'll go back to the other brands I use to enhance the color in my hair from now on.  This is not a great buy for anyone looking to enhance any blonde highlights or color in their hair.  When walking down the aisle please skip over this product so you don't  waste time or money.


Galloway, OH


Tresemme Colorthrive shampoo exceeds expectations.


I have used Tresemme Colorthrive Shampoo for almost 2 years.  I have been able to extend the time between high-lite trips at my Salon.  I like the manageability of my hair after use (sometimes the conditioner isn't even necessary).  I have even been able to go longer between shampoos.


San Antonio, TX


TRESemme Colorthrive Blonde Shampoo

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