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TRESemme Clean and Natural Conditioner

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A nice basic conditioner.


TRESemme always makes good haircare products and even when it is a very basic product, they do a good job. Sometimes I just want a conditioner that is basic and easy to find at the store. This conditioner works really well for being just a basic and natural conditioner. It smoothed out my hair and left it feeling soft and light. I like that it is a thicker conditioner that coats every strand of my hair. I really like that TRESemme is able to offer a conditioner that does not have a bunch of stuff in it. My hair felt really nice and the ends looked better than they had before I started using it. I like to keep this conditioner on hand when I have guests. It is made by an awesome company, but it is still great for all hair types. This is a product that I would recommend to everyone, no matter what their hair type is. It is well priced, maybe a little more expensive than other friends, but definitely worth the money.



tressemme conditioner is smoothe


use this after using the shampoo and your hair will stay smoothe all day and will waive in the wind, im a guy and i love this product so i guess that is saying something. It makes you proud when someone runs their fingers through your hair and says you have such soft hair, I love this brand.

Kenton, OH


TRESemme Clean and Natural does not get my hair clean


I purchased TRESemme Clean and Natural hoping that it would help cleanse my hair and get rid of buildup, without all of the extra chemicals. I love the fact that it has a lot of natural ingredients but I was not happy with the results. I found that Clean and Natural did NOT get my hair clean. Instead, my hair felt like it was still dirty and greasy. Of course you only figure it out until you begin to dry your hair and feel the gunk left behind. I also felt that it did not stay soapy enough, instead it soaped up for a few seconds then washed away too easily down the drain. The smell is pleasant and I like that it doesn't have any added colors, but otherwise I am not impressed with this TRESemme product.

Meridian, ID


TRESemme cleansing conditioner is lighter than air.


I have extremely curly and unruly hair. I frequently change conditioners in search of the perfect one for my hair. I first started using TRESemme products about 10 years ago. I was very pleased with the outcome. Since then TRESemme has come out with  many different products for every hair type. There are 3 or 4 different types I can use with wonderful results. Then one day I happened upon TRESemme Cleansing Conditioner. Boy! What a great find! It has the same great TRESemme fragrance and like the other TRESemme hair products, it comes in a convenient money saving size. With the TRESemme Cleansing Shampoo to accompany it. Together, the shampoo and the conditioner work to make my thick, curly, hard to manage hair softer and much easier to style. Not to mention getting the brush through my hair with a lot less ouchies. TRESemme Cleansing Conditioner is light and easy to rinse, yet it works great. It leaves my hair feeling squeeky clean and soft to the touch. That means I can use less and get better results than other brands. And that saves me money! Thank you TRESemme. You certainly know hair! Prices are so important these days, too. TRESemme offers sizes for every budget.

Vicksburg, MS


Brings your hair back to its natural state.. but even better!


Treseme Cleansing Hair Conditioner is the best type of conditioner that i have used so far. After i use the Cleansing shampoo I put a good amount of the conditioner throughout mmy hair and comd through. i leave it in for about 5 minutes and rinse. When it is time to dry my hair it is left manageable and clean with out a dry gunky feeling.

Los Angeles, CA


TRESemme Clean and Natural Conditioner

4.0 5