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TRESemme 24 hour hairspray

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Great product for my hairtype


I have naturally curly hair that I have to always straighten with a curling iron and then spray to keep the hold. Unfortunately, I have found it near to impossible to find a hairspray product that holds my style anytime my hair meets any kind of humidity. My hair always curls under or frizzes into an unruly mess. I then found Tresemme 24 hour hold hair spray, and I couldn't believe how well it worked at holding my hair. The 24 hour hold has different types of hairspray as well; I've used the fine mist and extra hold types. The fine mist is nice, it does not 'wet' the hair down as other hairsprays will do, however, it does take more to have a good hold in wet or humid weather. The extra hold 24 hour hairspray doesn't take as much to hold the style, but sometimes it may make your hair a little 'hard', but really no worse than other hairsprays. I also like how there isn't a strong scent upon spraying and it disappates so there is no odor througout the day. For curly-haired people, it's worth a shot.

Santa Rosa, CA


I love Tresemme 24 Hour Hairspray


I received this hairspray as a gift from a bride when I was in her wedding.  It was the perfect travel size and it was a wonderful gift.  I love using it and it does not cause any residue or cakey build - up.  I also like this hairspray because it has a fresh scent and doesn't have that hairspray smell.  When I use it even in high winds, it helps keep my hair from wisping and flying about my head.  I love using this hairspray and love that it came in the travel size as necessary for the airplane.  I also love that a little of it goes a long way.  I don't have to stand forever with the hairspray trying to get it to perfect the hold I am attempting.  I have thin hair and this hair spray is perfect for when I try up dos and it helps to keep everything in place which is a real feat with my hair.  The hairspray is also great for holding for a long time and it washes out easy so there is no gloppy mess of hair when I get in the shower.

Valparaiso, IN


TRESemme 24 hour hairspray

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