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TOTAL BODY TransFIRMation: THE FIRM Cardio Weight System

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Effective DVD's with Lots of Variety


I've been working out with The Firm for over 20 years. I love Firm, and this Trasfirmation Cardio Weight System is no exception. This kit stores the weights and DVD's into a convenient and easy to store space - you can fit the whole thing neatly inside a dresser drawer. The DVD's were made in about 2007-2008. Each DVD is different and interesting: One DVD for sculpting, one for cardio, one with Aerobic Weight Training, and etc. You never get bored. They also vary the instructors. You can be beginner, intermediate, and advanced. If you're a beginner, you just use lighter (or no) weights. They always show low impact modifications, for example, if you have bad knees, and can't jump. These DVD's can work for everyone. They are also sold seperately, if only one or two interests you, but I like to have them all, since I get bored easily. I like the variety. The instructors of the Firm give flawless cues and execute the moves perfectly and with proper form, as always. The production quality and music quality are high, as always. Even though these DVD's are older, I still enjoy them!



The Firm strikes again to assist women in weightloss.


The Firm Cardio Weight System is a challenging weight loss program that takes dedication and endurance. The videos in this system utilize very unique weights throughout each one.  Cardio videos use the upper body and lower body rotating system to maximize the benefits of every workout.  It is an intense workout that can be used by beginners, moderate users or advanced people who like to sweat and strengthen all the muscles in the body. The women in the videos show how to work your way up from a beginner to advanced as your body changes throughout using the cardio weight loss videos.  I used this system for twelve weeks and lost inches and pounds from areas of my body that I didn't expect.  I have been an avid exercise person who likes change in my workouts.  The number of videos gives you the opportunity to chose your workout for the day.  By only taking up thirty to forty-five minutes a day, these workouts are amazing and don't bulk up women.  It tones your body and helps you lose weight.  It is somewhat costly, but can also be purchased used from several locations as it has been out for years.  I would highly recommend this system.

Youngstown, OH


4 dvds plus pink weights


Annie Lee, Alison Davis, Allie Del Rio, Rebecca Sturkie, 2007 This dvd contains pink dumbells. The dumbbell handles are 1 lb each and each plate weighs 1 lb. It also comes with 4 dvds: -Hi Def Sculpt led by Annie Lee. Its a strength dvd that is 46 minutes long with a 25 min express version -Hard Core Fusion led by Allie Del Rio. Its an aerobic weight training w/o that is 60 min long with a 40 min express version. -Cardio Overdrive led by Alison Davis. Its mostly cardio but has some strength work in it. Its 46 minutes with a 25 min express version. -Cardio Party led by Allie Del Rio, Annie Lee, Rebecca Sturkey, and Alison Davis. Each instructor leads a 10 minute cardio only segment. It is 40 minutes long and uses no weights. This set is my least favorite and least challenging Firm set to date IMO. I do still use the some of the workouts but dont expect really challenging w/o's with this one. Hi Def Sculpt is a good strength only workout that alllows you to heavy up. Hard Core Fusion is a fun AWT w/o-if you can get over Allies baby talk. Cardio Overdrive just didnt click with me. Its immensley popular so it might be just me. It just didnt have enough strength work to do anything w/ but too much that it detracted from the cardio IMO. Cardio Party is nothing special, but a nice enough 40 min cardio w/o.

Bevery Hills, CA


TOTAL BODY TransFIRMation: THE FIRM Cardio Weight System

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