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Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair
TIGI s factor

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amazing sfactor


my mom is a hairstylist so we only get real shampoo none of the cheap stuff thats in stores an d this stuff is amazing. I cant buy other brands just soley based on the its scent. Its so wonderful and makes me want to shower at least four times a day. Its also sulfur free so its good for straightened hair that has been done with the keratin hair therapy complex I have a few different sets of shampoos and conditioners for different looks. My hair is naturally wavy when air dried and tends to be very frizzy, dry and limp. I have been looking for something that actually strengthens and smoothes hair without weighing my hair down. I have been using this shampoo with the smoothing conditioner for a few weeks and WOW! I am completely amazed with the results. This duo really strengthens my hair and leaves it so soft and incredibly shiny, without leaving oily residue. If that isnt enough, it also gives an incredible boost to my naturally wavy hair. Really curls it and gives them life. I finish off the look with a tiny dab of the TIGI S Factor Lusterizer and my hair looks like I just left the salon. TRY THIS LINE!

New Port Richey, FL


TIGI S Factor Shampoo is amazing!


This product is great! The whole TIGI product line is awesome but the S Factor line is better. This shampoo has an amazing smell to it. Smells like grape candy!! It also helps maintain hair color better than a lot of other brands. I'm a cosmetologist and I recommend this shampoo to alot of people with color treated hair. It isn't harsh at all. It washes away clean. The best one for color treated hair is Color Savy. It's a sulfate free shampoo which is great so it's gentle on your hair. It extends the longevity of your hair color. I've never been disappointed with this shampoo. It helps keep my Pravana violet color looking vibrant longer than anything else. Like I said before, the smell of this shampoo is the best. Doesn't smell like chemicals. Makes you want to eat some candy. GREAT PRODUCT!

Lake Charles, LA


These products are amazing!


I am a Hairdresser and I was looking to try something new and found this product TIGI's Diamond Dreams Shampoo and Conditioner, in a gift pack at my local beauty supply store. It was a little expensive and it does boast to have diamond dust, cashmere, champagne, and crushed pearls in it so I could see why. I was very skeptical because I wasn't sure what all of these ingredents would add to this shampoo and conditioner so I waited for a day when I could use it and not have to put anything in my hair and oh my god!!! It made my hair feel like silk, my hair was so touchable that even while it was wet I could not stop touching it!! I was rubbing it on my face and neck it was amazing! A few days later I used it then straightened my hair and I just could not believe how shiny and smooth it was and I still could not stop touching it! I am not able to sell this shampoo in my salon but I definitly say it is worth the money to try it especially if your hair is not touch-ably soft!

Queen Creek, AZ


Not so great for drier hair


I've got color treated hair that is naturally dry.  My stylist uses TIGI products so I thought I'd try it.  No so good on drier hair types, the Shampoo dried my hair out even more.  So if you have an oily to normal combination, it should be fine, but be cautious if your hair is on the dry side.

Columbia, SC


TIGI s factor

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