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TIGI Catwalk Camera Ready Shiner and Defrizzer

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smells very yummy


  Catwalk Camera Ready Shiner and Defrizzer by Tigi is a great addition to my hair products. So far, I have only used this product when straightening my hair. My hair stylist first introduced me to it when she used it on my hair while styling it after a cut and color. I love it. The only things is, make sure you do not use too much! A little really does go a long way. If you spray too much on your hair, it will become really greasy. So as long as you use it correctly, it is wonderful.   When styling my hair straight, I first blowdry it after washing, (or sometimes I let it airdry if I have the time) then flat iron it. The key to flat ironing is taking very small pieces of hair at a time. I start by leaving only the very underneath section of my hair down and clipping the rest up on top of my head. I then spritz a very small amount of Catwalk Camera Ready Shiner and Defrizzer on that section. After that I take the flat iron and iron it piece by piece. After that section I let down a little bit more from the clipped hair and so on and so on. This can take quite a while with my hair because it's so long and very thick.   Overall, this product is great and I'm really glad I purchased it. It makes my hair so silky and smooth with no frizzies. It's lasted for so long since you don't need to use much at a time. I'm recommending this product!

Salem, OR


Amazing product


I found this product marked down at a salon in the mall and i bought all they had.  I have a lot of shine products but I love the smell and feel of this one especially since it is a spray shine, there are a lot of different things that I love about the spray shine rather than rubbing it in my hands, yet this product is light not real heavy and not real thick but it is extremely shiny and instant defrizzer.  I use it when I curl my hair and have applied hairspray then I lightly spray this and run my fingers through my hair and it softens the crunch from the hairspray and adds shine that lasts all day.  I also will spray it in my brush and then brush my hair and it adds shine.  One thing I have noticed that I have to spray it a little ways away from my head since it will make one area greasy if too much gets on it. But since you don't need a whole lot it lasts forever.  I now have 4 bottles and I plan on it lasting a long time.

Davenport, IA


Meh. Super oily if you have fine hair.


My brother gave this to me after he was suckered into it by a salon employee. Catwalk by Tigi is supposed to be a "shiner and defrizzer." It does indeed make your hair shine, let me tell you. But this is almost like watered down baby oil in a bottle. It does shine and defrizz, but geez. I felt like after three spritzes, I looked like I had got into the Crisco. I used it right after I had finished flat ironing my hair, and I though it would touch up the stray hairs that were sort of sticking up a little. It did smooth my hair, but unfortunately because it's a spritzer, it also hit other areas I would rather have not had oiled up.  This might work better on those with very thick hair or really curly hair.  I'm also pretty big on smells, and this product doesn't really smell like much. It's like Eh.  The bad thing about using one of these products is if you mess up, you really do need to start all over again and shower to get it all out.

El Paso, TX


TIGI Catwalk Camera Ready Shiner and Defrizzer

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