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TIGI Bed Head
TIGI Bed Head Spoil Me

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awesome stuff


I love trying hair products! I have hair that is down to my butt and if the product works on my hair it is a true miracle. This stuff worked wonders! I love it and there is not another product out there that can compare. I sort of cringed looking at the price of it but my hair dresser used it on my hair so I knew it worked wonderfully. I bought it anyway and I'm glad I did. It took my frizz and static away with a tiny amount. It is great for after straightening your hair because it makes it soft and shiny and takes all the frizz and static away although leaving a residue. It never looks greasy and smells amazing. I recommend it for all hair types. My daughter has very thin hair which is the total opposite of my own and it works great on her too. The bottle is huge and will last forever so the price is worth it in the end. I have used hundreds of hair products and this is the best ever. There are a lot of sprays out there that are supposed to be like this one and they never work well. This is the only spray that works and doesn't leave your hair looking greasy or flat. I can't say enough about this product. Definately give it a try you won't find another that works as great as this does. The other reviewer that said this doesn't work is crazy, they must have used something else or are confused because I don't believe anything they said!



Amazing Amazing Amazing


 Ok first of all I don't know what that first reviewer is talking about. This stuff is just ridiculously amazing! I cannot straighten my hair in the summer due to the humidity and when I sweat, it curls in a heartbeat but this helps a ton with that. I actually discovered this stuff while I was at my sister's house in California. Anyways I use this and spray Redken thermal protection on it and wala, my hair is about 90% more tamed than any other product I've ever seen used on my hair. I have to straighten my hair every morning and I have worked this into my usual routine. You can use a how much ever you want and it's not sticky whatsoever. I usually spray it on my hairbrush then brush my hair regularly and the frizz is instantly gone. But you can spray it all over and it will work just as well! I will use this product for the rest of my life, no joke! Definitely give this product a try, I know you'll love it too!!!!!

Saint Joseph, IL


Did not really work for me.


Okay. First of all I thought this was gonna be a great product since I researched it, but when I used it a few times, it didn't really give me anything but water or whatever is in there. I wouldnt buy this again and not what it says it is! Trust me!

San Diego, CA


TIGI Bed Head Spoil Me

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