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TIGI Bed Head
TIGI Bed Head Control Freak Conditioner

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Gets the job done but not a hard worker


I have always wanted to try bed head and my stylist said its because of the fancy, eye catching packaging. I know believe that to be true. I always thought it was supposed to be a high quality, good for your hair conditioner but it just didn't meet my expectations. It didn't leave my hair as smooth as I would have liked. In fact it gave it a funny texture that is hard to describe. Also when I would rub the conditioner on my hair it made it seem as if I still had shampoo left in my hair. I don't know if the other types of bed head would be better for my hair type and this one just didn't make the mark but unfortunately I don't think I'll be trying any other types because I was so disappointed with this one. Doesn't even make up for it in the smell. In the end "I've had better!" Effectiveness There are better conditioners out there that make your hair smoother and shinier. Scent Its alright but nothing special



TIGI Bed Head Control Freak Conditioner is a must have!


I have thick,curly hair which never does what I want. I have tried countless number of conditioners that have promised to give you the hair you want. Finally, a good friend, who is also a hair stylist, mentioned I should try this. The first try...it worked great, but the a new product always does for me the first time or too. Well, after about a month using this conditioner, it was still as great as the first use! I finally had managable hair! I used to have keep my hair long to give it wait and to control the unruliness! I was able to cut it short, and have the sleek, shiney hair that I always enivied that my sister and mother had. I still have to straighten my hair when I got out, but it does not take as long, and it looks so shiney afterwards. Somedays I just leave it alone and do nt straighten it, and my hair just has a nice wave to it. When I do curl it for an event, it looks great. This conditoner has done wonders for me, and while I use it, I don't have to wear a hat unless I want too.

Ramona, CA


Not for thick, frizzy haired people AT ALL


If only you could see the excitement in my face when I recieved this product. The fact that I, girl with the frizziest, thickest, most damaged hair, found a conditioner claiming to fix all those problems, really stirred up my hair fixing nerves.  As I pumped the conditioner in my hair, the smell of pineapple hit my nose. It smells pretty darn good if you asked me, but thats for you to judge. I lathered it up in my hoping ot be fixed up hair, and it felt very different from when I put any other conditioner on. You know the feeling when you put on conditioner and your hair is all silky and slimy feeling? Yeah, well, this product did not do that, so I got a little worried. The conditioner felt more like shampoo. I thought that this might be a good thing, and that it was soaking in my hair. When I washed it out, I dried it up a bit. That's when I came to a conclusion.   Tigi Bed Head Control Freak conditioner didn't just thicken my already thick hair, but it made my hair feel EVEN MORE DAMAGED!!!!   I do not recommend this to anyone.

Cleveland, OH


Use TIGI Bed Head conditoner to control curly frizzy hair!!


I use this conditoner on my daughters hair, she has frizzy curly hair and needs a heavy condtioner.  I use both the shampoo and conditioner on my daughters hair and it works well, to keep the friz down and the curls from becoming a tangled mess.  I do have to say, I have tried this conditioner on my hair and it leaves my hair to straight, even when it is dried and I try to curl it, my hair stays straight and is hard to curl, which is weird because I have totally wavy hair and have never expericenced not being able to curl my hair and make it have body!!  So I would only recommend this product to people who have way frizzy hair or way curly hair or both!!  The conditioner does what it says it does which is to control frizz!! The design of the bottle is great and it comes with a pump system, so there are no worries about unscrewing lids or trying to keep hold of slippery caps when showering.  Overall, I would recommend this product to everyone who wants smooth, frizz free hair!! 

South Jordan, UT


really nice and straight


After purchasing the shampoo from this line, I couldn't go without the conditioner. Can't use shampoo without the matching conditioner in order to see maximum results right? So after purchasing this pricey combination, I went home and tried it out since I was pretty excited about it. The smell isn't that strong, smells tropical like mango and pineapple. The smell doesn't stay on after I flat iron my hair, so I wish the scent would be a little stronger. I like this conditioner because I don't need to use a lot in order to see results. My hair is nice and smooth after applying this and it detangles my hair really nicely too. It's easy to wash off which is a plus when I don't have time to spend so much time working on my hair every single night. I can use that extra time to go out instead of sitting at home tending to my hair and seeing if I can go outside without it frizzing up. After blow drying my hair after using this conditioner, I can see that the straightness of my hair did improve quite a bit.

San Francisco, CA


Smells delicious


first of all, i love the smell. it smells like tropical pineapple. makes my shower time really fun.  I have really bad dry hair after all the chemical process, highlighting all over and dying it every 3 weeks. So considering how damaged my hair is, this conditioner is not rich enough for deep conditioning purposes. But on the weekdays when I take a shower I always reach for this not because of the sweet smell but because it makes my hair dry a lot faster for some reason. I feel like I have some kind of silicon like coat on my hair after using it. It's good for everyday use because it feels light and does not weigh your hair down. I am not sure if this just applies to my hair, but it really does reduce the drying time. That is one of the biggest reason I love this conditioner. I have huge bottle and I have been using it over a year now.  Love it. Next time I want to try different scent from the bed head line.

Provo, UT


TIGI Bed Head Control Freak Conditioner

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