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TFP International Ink Cartridges

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TFP International (Internet Ink seller) is a SCAM


This company has ripped off many customers by shipping them either defective products or no product at all. Rated "F" by the BBB of Tennessee, where they are located. Please go to CNET reviews to read many of the problems with this company. They suck you in with really low prices and then either fail to ship the item. or if you receive something it is defective and they won't refund you. I can't believe they are still in business, but they are still selling to unsuspecting customers. This company is also known as "The Fine Print," so do not be fooled. They are one in the same company. I wish I had taken my own advice and researched this company prior to ordering from them. Received my two print cartridges a month and a half after ordering. One was already leaking in the package and my printer wouldn't even recognize that a new printer cartridge was in it. After multiple calls (receiving an answering machine) and numerous e-mails (receiving no replies) I filed a dispute with my credit card company. Returned the defective cartridges to them and they were not paid. Do Not fall victim to this company!!!

Panhandle, FL


TFP International Ink Cartridges

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