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TCL - 32" Flat Screen TV

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Above average picture quality for its price


I purchased a TCL Flat Screen LCD back in 2012 on Black Friday and it has served me well over the years. This is a good television, but it needed a lot of tweaking because it was unwatchable right out of the box. The picture quality is above average, but it can become a little pixelated when a lot of black is present on the screen. When I'm about 4 feet away from the television black becomes grayish and pixels start to blur, but it's something I have avoided by keeping my distance. The viewing angles are decent, but for the best possible viewing experience I must be directly in front of the television at least 5 feet away. When I view from the side color and quality takes a bit of a hit. When viewing from either side color appears washed out and I can see individual pixels. The sound quality is poor, but a good surround sound system fixed that problem. Even with all it flaws I don't have any plans to upgrade the TCL Flat Screen LCD because it serves its purpose for now.

Westchester, IL


The TCL 32 inch LCD tv is an amazing value!


I had been using a 12 year old, 20 inch crt television prior to buying this tv.  I had been wanting to upgrade my tv, but it was difficult to find something on my extremely tight budget.  I shopped around, looking at all the brands, and just could not find anything within my price range that was suitable.  Shopping around on the internet, I stumbled across this TCL tv.  On sale, the price seemed too good to be true, and I was leery at first.  However, there were a ton of great reviews, a 2 year warranty, and I decided it was worth a shot. I'm really glad I took the chance! This tv is beautiful.  The finish is shiny and black, it looks sleek and chic.  The picture is every bit as good as any of the midrange brands.  The sound is good, and there are plenty of different input ports, including 3 HDMI ports. It's the perfect size for my small apartment, and after more than a month of use, I'm still as pleased with it as I was the day I bought it!  I highly recommend this tv for those with simple television needs on a budget.

Wabash, IN


TCL makes a great TV with a great warranty


The TCL 32" TV has been a great choice for our family.  The picture is GREAT.  We like the fact that it has a 2 year warranty. I purchased this TV as a surprise for my husband based on reviews I found at the BFads site. Since I don't know much about TV's, I relied on reviews by others.  Comparing it to the Black Friday ads, this TV was the best value for the size, and a huge bonus in our eyes was the 2 year warranty.  Going from a TV that was not flat screen to this TV was a huge improvement!  We have been using it to watch DVDs and Blurays, and with our new Wii game console, and are very happy with the quality of the picture and the ease of use.  The picture is sharp and clear!  This TV is also very nice looking, and is a nice size for the average size family room.  A good step up into the world of flat screen TV's!  I would definately recommend this TV to a friend or family member as a great TV for a great price! 

Hudsonville, MI


TCL - 32" Flat Screen TV

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