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TAVA - Sparkling Beverage

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Tava-absolutely love it - now they discontinued it in OHIO


  I absolutely love TAVA!!!  It has a great flavor with no calories and some vitamins.  I would buy almost every pack I could find at the stores in my area and now I find out they are discontinuing this product.  What is wrong with Pepsi?  Every time they have a descent product that I like they discontinue it (I am going back to the Diet Brisk Caribbean Ice Tea they had 15 to 16 years ago and also discontinued).  Are the diet conscience not one of their demographic consumers, we keep hearing how obesity is such a big concern, but what tasty choices do we consumers have?  If anyone knows where I can obtain some Tava please let me know, I am definitely in with drawls.   

Cleveland, OH


Wonderful taste combination! Refreshing beverage; zero calories


TAVA Sparkling Beverage comes in a slender bottle.  I tried Black Cherry Citrus and Tropical Berry Blend (there was one other flavor).  It was on sale and looked interesting.  I loved the combination of flavors in the Black Cherry Citrus.  A nice change from regular sparkling waters/sodas.  If you find it at your local grocery, it is definitely worth a try!

Lewis Center, OH


TAVA - Sparkling Beverage

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