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T3 Tourmaline Flat Iron

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Love, Love Love IT


This is the best flay iron I have ever bought and used. It really straightens your hair in as little time as possiable. Never burning your hair or damaging it. And this straightner has lasted me for years with no problems. I use it and my daughters uses it, so it get alot of usage. It just recently stop working and we decided to try one of those that they sell in the middle of the mall. They show you how to use them and how great they are. So I did buy one, and I guess it works ok, but my daughter is complaining it takes her twice as long to get her hair as striaght as she likes it. So, I am going back to the T3 straightner. It just has the right heat for the job. Also, I have left it on and left the house by mistake and it shuts its self off, which is great for the gal on the go who is always running out the door and forgetting to turn it off. But it has never shut off when in use. We both just love this straightner and would recommened it to anyone and everyone.

Whittier, CA


Amazing Tourmaline Flat Iron


Wow. Could this be the best flat iron ever? I'm pretty sure it's, at least, in the running!!  Fast, Easy, HOT. I have thick, long, dark, somewhat wavy hair.  I can flat iron my hair in just a few minutes compared to some other flat irons I've tried.  Who wants to spend 20-30 minutes flat ironing their hair when you could spend less than 10?!  The Tourmaline flat iron leaves my hair shiny and my hair stays straight the entire day.  It's nearly the professional iron job that I get at the salon, but for a fraction of the price. The iron does get pretty hot, so I have to watch how high I turn it up to (since there's plenty of settings to choose from).  I also have to use protectant on my hair since I accidently singed my bangs from using the flat iron too hot on my hair.  :( That was sad.  It's not good to leave the flat iron out either, since my daughter nearly burnt herself on it once.  I use it on her hair occasionally, and on a very low setting when I do.

Saranac, MI


T3 Tourmaline Flat Iron

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