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T3 Tourmaline 1" Narrow Wet-or-Dry Straightener

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Amazing Results


I have been using this T3 straightening iron for about a year now and it's the best flat iron I've ever used. I have very fine hair that frizzes easily and nothing has ever been able to completely smooth out my hair - until now. The T3 heats up very quickly, smooths my hair and leaves it soft and silky and it lasts for days. You do need to use a flat iron protectant, though, so you don't damage your hair from the heat. I also have noticed that it totally enhances both my natural and my new not-so-natural highlights.  What an added plus!!!  I would highly recommend.


Decatur, IL


Amazing! Totally recommend this quality flat iron!!!


I have really curly hair and I knew that I wanted to invest in a good one! I choose this one about 2 1/2 years ago and I am COMPLETELY satisfide!!! Still like the day I got it! Great size and not too heavy! The cord length it reaches everywhere!!! Has a completely ajustable heat dial and warms up very quick!!! I don't really use the wet to dry function because I tend to like drying my hair with the blow dryer first but im sure it works great (now I am gonna have to try it out:)) I love that my hair it silky smooth just like when I leave the salon! It is just as nice or nicer in most cases then the one's they use in the salon, I actually go around recommending it to my hairstylist and they are surprized to find that I am still completely happy with it after having it so long and when they get my hair wet to find out how curly my hair really is and that the results I am getting at home are comparable to them!


Moses Lake, WA


I love that this fantastic straightener


I was drawn to this flat iron because I have very thick hair that takes forever to dry.  I thought that using it might shave a few minutes off my hair drying time, and allow me to start styling it while still slightly damp at the ends.  I was right.  This flat-iron does a great job of styling, while allowing the little bit of dampness left to evaporate away.  I'm sure you could use it on wetter hair, although I have not tried it myself.


Edmond, OK


T3 Tourmaline 1" Narrow Wet-or-Dry Straightener

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