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T3 Totally Tourmaline Hair Clamping Iron

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The T3 saves me time and makes my hair look naturally straight.


   I am always in a hurry to get to the office, but I want my hair to look nicely done to complement the fitted suits I wear to the office each day.  On the spectrum representing curly hair, ranging from a head full of very tight ringlets to a mass of very loose waves, my hair falls near the middle of the spectrum with a mixture of loose to well-formed ringlets.  My hair is fairly coarse, long and thick, too.  Despite these natural tendencies, I like to straighten my hair from time to time.  I have straightened my hair with chemicals and spent many hours blow-drying my hair straight with various types of brushes and blow-dryer accessories.  My chemically straightened or blow-dried straight hair required some smoothing over, so I have also tried many different flat irons and hair smoothing and straightening serums. Before I used the T3, all the time spent on my hair produced dry and stiff-looking results.  The T3 straightens my hair without making it look hard.  The T3 makes my hair look like it is naturally straight, leaving my hair soft and flexible enough to move freely as I go through my day. After working in a hair salon and practicing, I can produce nearly the same soft, smooth straight hair with a professional quality blow-dryer, the right brush and the right hair products.  However, the blow-dryer causes more visible damage to my hair and it takes me twice as long to straighten my hair with a blow-dryer as with the T3. How does the T3 provide such great results so quickly?  First, the T3 straightens and steam dries my damp hair all in one step.  Because the T3 can be used safely on wet or dry hair, I no longer have to blow-dry my hair or let it air dry before I straighten it.  In ten minutes, I can go from damp to dry, straight hair. I can straighten my hair even faster when it is dry.  I also think the T3 works best when my hair is dry or only slightly damp rather than wet.  I simply twist a towel around my hair and squeeze it a few times to wring some of the wetness out of my hair before I use the T3. I do not have to spend time drying my hair or taking any of the other extra steps I used to take preparing my hair to be straightened in order to get better looking results.  I used to divide my hair into lots of small, thin sections of hair for straightening one small section at a time.  I also used to comb each section of hair carefully, so each strand of hair laid neatly side-by-side when I clamped them between the straightening irons.  With the T3, I simply use my fingers to gather a healthy portion of hair and place the loosely gathered section of hair between theT3 irons, clamping the irons over my hair as near to the roots as I can easily get. Once I have placed my hair between the two irons of the T3, I can move the T3 along at a nice, steady pace.  I don't have to stop and hold the T3 in place for a few seconds at each new section of hair as I move down the length of my hair.  I don't even need to go extra slowly as I move down the length of my hair. The T3 has a variable temperature setting, making it convenient and safe to save time.  The temperature settings range from 140 to 410, making it possible for me to select a temperature that is right for me.  I set the temperature at 370.  At this temperature, the T3 irons are hot enough to work quickly and save me time without damaging my hair.  The natural looking results are quick and long-lasting.  Once I use the T3, my hair stays straight until the next time I wash it.  I have even been caught in the rain and my hair dried straight without getting frizzy. While my hair was wet from the rain, I ran my fingers through my hair to give it the general shape it had when I first straightened it.  My hair was still straight when it dried. The T3's design makes it very easy to use.   It is lightweight and small with irons that are less than two inches wide, so I can move it easily from one section of hair to another.  Also, the T3 irons remain open unless light pressure is applied to close them.  I simply place my hand around the iron handles, as if I was holding a tennis racket.  I tighten my grip to clamp the irons shut and loosen my grip to open the irons, releasing my hair. The T3 does cost quite a bit more than most other flat irons, but it is well made.  My T3 is two years old.  It always heats up in a few seconds and cools down just as quickly.  It still opens and closes smoothly, too.  The irons still clamp together without leaving any space between them. I find it easy to pay a higher price for the well made T3, because it leaves my hair looking softer, smoother and looking more naturally straight than any other straightening method I have tried.

Buckeye, AZ


T# Flat Iron is the best!


I have extremely curly hair and I have tried numerous hair straightening irons. I replaced my Chi with the T3 and I couldn't be happier. It cut the amount of time it takes me to straighten my hair in half. This is an exceptional product.

League Cityy, TX


T3 Totally Tourmaline Hair Clamping Iron

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