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T3 T3 Singlepass Styler Straightener

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T3 - Durable and Easy


  I've owned this wonderful styling iron for over a year, and it's still working perfectly. My professional stylist from the hair salon told me that she would never switch to another brand because of its strong durability. She created cute curls on my hair with such ease, and I was immediately sold. I knew I would have to get it for my daily hair styling routine.   T3's advertise of using tourmaline plates makes your hair shiny and healthy. It's only true to a certain extend. Comparing to other brand, yes you'll have more shine using T3, but it does not mean it will create no damage to your hair. Only less. I use this every other day, and I notice that my hair has become dryer and damaged. You can't blame it because what do you expect when you fry your hair with high heat? It's expected, and you have no one to blame but yourself. I will still use it to give my hair more volume and style. But I won't use it everyday. Just like all flat irons out there, they can only do damage if you overusing it.

Sunnyvale, CA


T3 T3 Singlepass Styler Straightener

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