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T-Tapp Total Workout

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Addicted to this workout


T-Tapp is a workout like no other.  I started it 4 years ago when I was having some weight issues.  I have done it fairly regularly and this is amazing because I have never suck with a workout so much as TTapp.  it is addictive and it reshapes your body.  It is Designed by Teresa Tapp specifically for women, to rebuild the basal metabolic rate and to cinch in the body and lengthen and define the muscles.  It's like a mixture of dance, pilates and yoga, but then totally unlike anything you have ever tried.  Even after the 15 minute workout my entire body is incredibly sore.  Despite having huge issues with thyroid and hormone problems, I my waist is the same size now as it was when I was 14 pounds lighter.  TTapp definitely cinches you in and my shape is very nice.  I can see long lean muscles and cuts in my back and legs.  It does not create the slightly round shape of weight lifting.  Teresa worked with models before turning her workout into a video that anyone could use.  I lvoe it!

Fort Worth, TX


T-Tapp Total Workout

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