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T. Rowe Price IRA

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T Rowe Price does not care about customer loyalty.


I am experiencing unexpected and unreasonable fees assessed by T Rowe Price after being a loyal customer since the 1990s. Specifically, I have been charged $80 in service charges unrelated to any type of action on my part. Given the volatility of this market and the returns an investor receives these days, $80 simply to hold my money is ridiculous. While legally the institution can bury the fee in fine print in a statement, that is not the right way to do things. It is not easy to close out retirement accounts, and I think that is why they choose to refuse to negotiate even one penny of this fee. It saddens me that I only noticed this fee assessment because I needed to research how to change beneficiaries. That a company could be that cold and callous to a loyal customer is unsettling. I am writing about my experience so that people can be informed when they make choices of where to do business. This is not the type of company with whom I want to associate.



T. Rowe Price is an Outstanding IRA Manager and Fund Vendor


My wife and I have used T. Rowe Price as our primary mutual fund vendor for many years now. They have outstanding funds to choose from, including stock funds, debt funds, balanced funds and age-appropriate funds. One age-appropriate fund I invest in is Retirement 2020, in which the investment allocation changes over time as the holders presumably near retirement. Most T. Rowe Price funds are highly rated, scoring 4 or 5 starts from the rating service, morningstar.com. In additions to standard IRAs, I set up retirement funds for myself and my wife with some self employment income that we had. We also use online brokerage to a small extent and that works great. Reports and phone customer service over the years has been invariably excellent. I am pleased to recommend T. Rowe Price as an investment vendor.

Skokie, IL


T. Rowe Price helps me invest for the future


I have been using **T. Rowe Price** for investments for more than 10 years. Overall I have been very satisfied with their service, investment options, and the performance of the funds. T. Rowe Price offers a full array of funds that would satisfy any investor (currently 90 no load funds).  Currently I invest in their Blue Chip Stock Fund, which is set-up as an IRA. In the past I have invested in a Mid Cap Growth Fund. In both cases the funds' performances were satisfactory. Even during this most recent stock downturn, the fund I still own has performed well. The service at T. Rowe Price has been good too. A few months ago I sold an investment that I had owned quite a long time. I did the transaction over the phone and they cut my check the same day and sent it out. They didn't try to talk me out of it, like some investment houses do. You can also do such transactions over their website. Speaking of the website, I have been using it more and more frequently to keep-up on investment news and to check my account. Each fund's value if updated daily, so you can see if there are any changes. Also, you can easily obtain a prospectus on funds that interest you. If you are considering opening an IRA, new investments, or a money market account, I strongly recommend checking out T. Rowe Price. They are not the biggest investment company (currently #10 - much smaller than Vanguard or Fidelity) but I have been quite happy with having them hold some of my investments.

Denver, CO


T.Rowe Price convenient and loyal.


We have utilized T. Rowe Price as one of our investing companies with our 401K.  It has truly taken care of us and made things easy to invest when needing to know where to put our money and make any type of changes on a whim.  We would make a request and within twenty four hours our request would be completed and a submission would be returned to us saying that it was done and verification was being sent.  We would not only have choices and recommendations to easily choose from but we would have them and notice sent by the time our next pay check was paid out.  This has always made it easier for us to want to do any type of business with T. Rowe Price in the future and also want to recommend their company to any friends or family as a great investing company to utilize on their own.  When we were at a point to move on and had to make cash out changes to this investment I think T. Rowe Price has to be the best company we have ever had to do a business transaction with.  This went so easy and smooth that we didn't even realize we waited any time for our request.  Thank you T.R.P.

Riverton, UT


T. Rowe Price IRAs are Convenient and Perform Well


I rolled over a former company 401k to a T. Rowe Price IRA several years ago.  Like many other companies, T. Rowe Price offers many mutual fund options.  I prefer the funds that are balanced for the year that I plan to retire (e.g. the 2030 Retirement Fund).  The returns have been as good or better than my current 401k account.  Their website is easy to use and allows me to get paperless statements that I can print if I so choose.  Overall, I have been very satisfied with T. Rowe Price and would recommend them to other investors.

Sun Prairie, WI


T. Rowe Price IRA

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