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T-Mobile Zinger Smartphone


Introducing the T-Mobile ZTE® Zinger™, your next compact, light and elegantly designed smartphone. Featuring a vibrant 3.5-inch touchscreen and Android 4.4 KitKat, Zinger™ provides an exceptionally smart experience at a very affordable price.

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Basic smartphone under $20


I picked up the T-Mobile Zinger Smartphone while waiting for a new phone to arrive in the mail and it definitely satisfied my basic needs. Upon first use I was thrilled with the reception and call quality. I maintained 3-4 bars at every location I was at around town and didn't drop any calls. I really like the size of this phone despite the small LCD screen, but the display wasn't too visible when I was viewing it in the sun. I found the touch screen to be fairly responsive, but some actions take several attempts to recognize. I was really impressed with the speed of this phone. Most of the apps I ran opened up within seconds and ran extremely smooth, but when I tried running multiple streaming apps at the same time the phone would freeze. Once the phone froze I would have to power it off and back on to fix it. I tried using the camera, but found it to be useless because it takes very low quality pictures even under the best lighting conditions. Even though the T-Mobile Zinger Smartphone has many limitations it can perform basic operations well and can be purchased for under $20.


Westchester, IL


T-Mobile Zinger Smartphone

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