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T-Mobile Smartphone

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The pros and cons of this phone


It seemed to develop phone even kept pace with recent developments in terms of speed and space

tebessa- Algeria


Bad Phone


I had this phone for about three years now, currently looking for another phone since this was one of the worst phones I had yet. Yes, it looks great but the functionality really is not good. First off, it is super slow for example when your texting and using the apps on the phone. It also, freezes at times that you have to pull out the battery to restart it again. Another bad thing about this phone is that it automatically restarts at times, I do not know why but this happen to me at least 4 times a day when i am texting for instance it will just restart and it would also take a lot time to boot back up. So, saying this I would definitely not recommend this phone to anyone that was a new phone.

Niles, IL


blazingly fast with some minor flaws


Ive had my LG optimus 2x speed (branded as T-Mobile G2x in the states) for about two months now and i have to say im more than pleased. This phone is the first consumer smart phone with a dual-core processor and it definately shows. The phone is very fast when browsing the menu and interface and after a few days my old iphone 3g felt slow and sluggish in comparison. The HD (720p) filming is fun, but like most 720p cameras turns choppy if you move while filming too much. However if you hold the camera steady the film quality was impressive. **** One of the biggest plus's for this phone is the micro HDMI port which i use to connect to my HDtv. I filled my 32gb (external) memmory card with movies and regularly watch them on the TV. However, bear in mind that like all smartphones only FAT32 memory is supported, which means you can only have a maximum of 4gb files on the card. so no massive blu-ray rips unfortunately**.** i wouldnt count this as a con though as all smart phones have this problem the battery life is adequette but could have been better. i wouldnt complain too much though as its pretty much on par with the average for the smartphone market. **** if there is anything i could find fault, its the preloaded aps that came with the phone. Some of them are usefull however that will be different for every user, however even if you want to you cant delete them which is a bit irritating**. **if it wasnt for that the phone would have gotten a 5/5****

Schenectady, NY


T-Mobile Smartphone

3.0 3