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T-Fal Ultimate Hard Enamel Non-Stick 8-Inch Fry Pan

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Love this T-Fal pan


This is the one pan that I am always cooking with it seems. No matter what it is that I am cooking up - eggs, bacon, potatoes, anything for dinner, it is always the one that I use. I love that it is a non-stick pan that is actually non-stick. I have never had any food burn on it and even if a food comes close, it is never that bad and always cleans off super easily. I love this pan and want to add more T-Fal to my collection. Doesn't Stick This is a non stick pan and it stays very true to its name. Heat Distribution It heats throughout the whole pan. Cooks very evenly. Ease of Handling It is a lighter weight pan and it is easy to cook with and store. Ease of Cleaning It is very easy to clean with the nonstick surface. It seems as though you only have to move the sponge around for a few seconds before all of the food is cleaned off. Design I love the design and colors that T-Fal uses in this pan. Durability It is very durable! I've had it for a few years now and it looks like I've hardly had it any time at all.

Stanton, CA


T-Fal 8" fry pan is a great buy


The T-Fal fry pan tells you when it's hot by the center design turning red. This is a nice feature that I have not seen elsewhere. The pan cooks evenly and has stood up to months of daily use so far. My pan has no scratches and is easy to clean. This is a relatively inexpensive purchase and is well worth the money.

Lemoyne, PA


Nothing will stick


I love pans by T-Fal.  They are the only ones I by.  They are very durable and great to cook with.  I love the fact that the kids can start cooking for themselves now and the pans are easy for them to use.  The clean up is a breeze because nothing seems to stick.  They also heat up very nicely and cook the food evenly.  They are a good price for great quality and I bought a set for my niece as part of her wedding gift.  She tells me they love cooking with them as well becaseu they are so easy to use and clean.

Mount Prospect, IL


T-Fal Ultimate Hard Enamel Non-Stick 8-Inch Fry Pan

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