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T-Fal Platinum Series Cookware Set

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Overall good. Great sauce pans, just ok fry pans


We bought this set five years ago and the saucepans and the dutch oven are still going strong with no scratches and no issues with food sticking. If I only had to review the sauce pans, this would get a five on everything, including the price. These have been so durable and it's definitely hard to burn food in them. I read and followed the instructions that state you should use medium heat only. I do that and they work well. They clean up so easily, even if you made something sticky or oily. I have used the smallest one to fry beer-battered shrimp and I had no problem cleaning the oil splatters on the outside. Honestly, these sauce pans look like they are still new. Now, let's move onto the two frying pans. They started out great. We had no issues and followed the recommended instructions that came with the set. They were non-stick and heated evenly--for awhile. After about 2 1/2 years of use, everything started sticking to these. The little oil we would use for cooking started to get stuck to the sides of the pan and I could no longer clean it off. The color of the frying pans got dark and stained on the outside, unlike the sauce pans. After fighting with these pans for a while, I finally threw them both away! Yes, I actually threw them away. I couldn't cook anything in them without it sticking and burning and I couldn't clean them afterwards. I still use the saucepans, but purchased some Cuisinart frying pans to go with them. I'm much happier with the new pans.

Jamestown, ND


Can't Beat T-Fal


As I said in my title, you can't beat T-Fal pots and pans. This is the second set of T-Fal cookware that we have owned, and just like the first set we absolutely love the set. The best part about the T-Fal is the non stick surface. Food does not stick while cooking and cleaning up the pans is even easier as the food just slides right off while washing the pots and pans. We do not put them in the dishwasher there so easy to clean. Another positive of this cookware set is the even heating. It makes cooking a lot easier and more pleasurable. There is even a red dot in the middle of the pans that turns solid red when the pan is hot enough to cook on. Also, T-Fal is very durable. As I said, this is our second set of T-Fal. We decided on buying a new set just because our old set was a set we received as a wedding gift and was about to turn twelve years old. We donated the old, still very usable set after we bought the new set. If you would like a durable, non stick cooking set that you can find at a decent price, then I would highly recommend this T-Fal cookware set. You will not be disappointed.

Sand Springs, OK


Move other cookware to the back of the cabinet-you'll use T-fal


Ever since I won a set of T-Fal as a door prize, 15 years ago, I have been hooked. Since I've gotten my Platinum set I hardly use anything else. My original set is still in great shape even after 15 years of almost daily use. I got my platinum set about three years ago when I was looking for a larger frying pan and my boyfriend decided I needed a whole new set. I am just as thrilled with the new set as I was with the old. After all these years of use [and abuse] every piece is still as nonstick as when new. The metal is very durable as is the non-stick coating. It heats quickly and evenly every time. As long as you don't use sharp metal utensils in it I don't see why you shouldn't get a lifetime of use out of each piece you own, even if you have kids [or grandkids] who like to drag them out to use as a drum set. Though it's not the cheapest cookware you can buy, it is far from expensive. If you are looking for a good primary set you can't go wrong with T Fal!

Goshen, IN


T-Fal Platinum Series Cookware Set

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