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T-Fal Jamie Oliver Health Grill

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You are not paying for the Name


This is a very nice stainless steel offering made by Tefal. It's a very nice grill that has great functionality. Quite expensive though. So basically, it's a small grill but does cook very evenly with a nice sear to it. They have a cook book that has recipes from Jamie Oliver. It does take up quiet amount of space on the counter. There's three functions included with this machine. BBQ, Oven and grill. Cleaning is a breeze because it has a detachable cord so you can use the dishwasher to wash it off. It's a step above the George Foreman machines. The grill itself has a function that is similar to panini machines where the grill itself is on a hinge, so you can adjust the thickness of the food by adjusting the hinge. You do not have to squish your food each time. There's also lights that tell you when the food is ready to cook or when you reached your desired temperature. I think this is an excellent grill.




This BBQ is a little spendy, but the quality is well worth it.


We love our little Jamie Oliver BBQ.  It is well worth the extra we had to pay for it.  It has a double stainless steel wall, which cooks the steaks to perfection.  Plus, it is very attractive sitting on our picnic table when we are camping.  Lots of campers have walked over to us and commented on it, saying they've never seen one like that.  It is comparable in looks to the little Weber you see so often, but with the stainless steel bowl and legs it sure outshines the Weber.  What is a nice little feature also, is it has 3 attached clamps that keep the lid firmly in place when not in use.  We would definitely reccommend it to anyone who loves to BBQ.


Portland, OR


T-Fal Jamie Oliver Health Grill

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