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T-Fal Emeril Deep Fryer

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My husband buys me the T-Fal because I had a stroke.


It was easy to cook with and fun not to grease pop and burn me.



Fun item to have


After reading various reviews...we put the Emeril TFal Fryer on a Gift Wish List...not an item we needed but thought it might help us out some. At the last minute I was thinking we would rather have one of the new elecrtric turkey fryers since there are seven of us but we received this as a gift so we decided to keep it. Seems to be good quality and the learning curve on getting it out of the box and frying is very low...If you get this just remember to run by the grocery for oil as it does take a bit. We are currently using canola. I cannot compare this to other fryers as we have not had another...but if you have your kitchen stocked with what you need...this is fun to have. Keeps the temperature constant and so far we have not burned anything. I feel it is safe (much safer than frying on our gas stove). We have mostly fried fries (frozen and homemade)...we have not gotten real creative but probably has potential. Nice that the oil is filtered and stored as your oil can get expensive...stock up on a couple of bottles when it is on sale. I think I wish all fryers are bigger...but that's just how it is...it is fine for a family of four...our guys just attack as soon as food is removed ;) This is not the first item I would buy for a kitchen...but I certainly suggest keeping it if you receive one as a gift or your kitchen is stocked. Looks okay to leave on the `counter but light enough to move around if you need to

Birmingham, AL


T -FAL emeril deep fryer is great


This T- fal emeril deep fryer is such wonderful product.I purchased it to make frying easier and less hassle free and it has never disappointed.First of all,it is so easy to operate.My family loves chicken a lot so I use it to fry chicken at least twice a week and it comes out really great.Not overcooked but real crispy and with less oil drippings. I don't fill the oil to the highest capacity so it doesn't overflow but the only snag is that you won't be able to cook so much at one time.Nevertheless it is still very fantastic and I can make enough chicken at one time for dinner.I put in one bag of french fries in the fryer and it comes out tasting really great.Another thing I love is the cleaning.It is so hassle free.With my old fryers,I used to have spills all over the counter and it was such a mess but with this,cleaning is a breeze.The parts are also dish washer safe. Overall,I'm very satisfied with this fryer considering all the other fryers out there.

Pottstown, PA


This deep fryer exceeded my expectations and is so simple!


I recieved my Tefal "Emeril" (as in Emeril Legasse) fryer a few years ago as a Christmas gift, along with a 14 pc. Emeril Tefal pots, pans, and lids set. However, this review is about the fryer so I will try not to fall off topic. I am completely impressed by this technology and simplicity that Tefal's Emeril fryer has to offer. It is very convenient, easy to use, easy to store and clean. It also fries a heavy load, safely up to 2 lbs to be exact! When I cook fish, chicken, fries, etc preparation time is cut in half, as compared to previous traditional fryers that I have owned. Here is a breakdown of the structure: there is the base which is the main piece and contains the switch that locks/releases the oil container; there is a large tub which holds the grease and displays markers for the safest maximum and minimum fill levels. It also comes with a large basket, and a heating element. The heating element is placed inside the tub and has simple controls to adjust the temperature and set the timer. It also alerts you when the grease has reached the desired temperature and when it is time to replace the "old" oil. Finally, there is a large basket for frying and this is my favorite part, there is a clip in the tub to hang the basket! Another very important perk is that this product is designed for busy cookers and provides a filtration system as well as an easy-to-store container for filtered grease. What more can you ask for?? Great product A+! I purchased one for my parents!

Panama City Beach, FL


T-Fal Emeril Deep Fryer

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