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T-Fal Elegance 10-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set

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Years worth of Use


I received this set as a gift from my grandmother a few years back when my husband and I moved. I was pleased to finally have a set of "good" pots and pans. I have used these numerous times over the years and they have held up pretty good considering. I cook for my family everyday and so they are used and washed just about everyday. The small sauce pan does have some slight staining in it, due to making tea in it over the years, but it's definitely not near as bad as I've seen from other brands just after one tea use. I love that you can use these one the stove and then transfer th3em straght into the oven for use. The handles get hot inside the oven obviously but they don't get too hot with just the stove use. Other than that, the only issue I have had is that they are not very Non-Stick. I have to use oils and sprays all the time or else the food (any food) will stick to the pan. It has been like that since the first time I washed them, and I used exactly what I was told to use to clean them. But, its not enough of an issue for me to stop using this set.




Great value


"T-Fal Elegance Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set" is a great set of cookware. It is very good quality for the price. They are stylish, I like the flat lids, good weight, but not too heavy, the handles don't get hot, easy to wash. I have enjoyed cooking with them. They are beautiful.... They are definitely not non-stick, but I've had no problems with sticking. Stainless steel is the healthiest and best implement to use while cooking. Everything else is great. I would highly recommend this cookware to everyone.




I would buy these again!


These pot and pan sets are great. First off it's great to have stainless steel, I wouldn't use any other kind but stainless steel. Second off these pot and pans cook everything so perfectly! All my food comes out tasting amazing and so well cooked. The only down fall I have had is that the handle did get a bit warm, that worried me but if you keep them not over the burner you should be fine. I love the look of them, they seem very richy looking, like you spent more then you did. If you can get these on sale I would snatch them up if I were you! I know they are expensive otherwise, but a sale does come around, and when it does don't think twice or you will regret it. I think once you try T-Fal brand you won't go to any other brand. I won't change brands, I love T-Fal and I love how durable they are. Nothing has stuck to the pots or pans, they wash easily. I bit heavier then some cheap pots and pans but you get used to it. I say GO BUY THEM!


North Adams, MA


Greatest pans ever


I just want'd to say these are the greastet pans i've ever bought and used at my house.  First of all they are the most non stick pans i've ever seen you can't burn anything to them, even after i finished a recipe one day i thought why not i have melted sugar in the pot why not let it keep going until it gets stuck to the pan, long of that story was sugar burnt and smoked myself out of the house and the pan still cleaned up in no time. If i were to think as hard as i could about something that i could complain about these pots is that being a high gloss polish they seem to always have fingerprints on them, but even with that since we don't display our pots, it really doesn't make any difference to me. So at the end of the day if anybody were to ask me about my pans i would most certianly tell them they had to go out and get a set of there own.  Maybe let them use mine and try to burn anything to them.  Worse case scenario I get my dishes wash'd by a friend.  


Crestview, FL


T-Fal Elegance 10-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set

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